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Selenium (Web Automation Testing tool developed by ThoughtWorks Corporation)

supported 3 componentsEdit Selenium IDE: A Firefox plugin that can record the user's basic operations and generate test cases. You can then run these test cases to play back in the browser, converting the test cases to automation scripts in other languages. Selenium Remote Control (RC): Supports multiple platforms (Windows,linux,solaris) an

Web automation testing tool selenium 1.0 officially released: chrome support + User Guide

SeleniumIt is an open-source Web automation testing tool. It has recently released version 1.0, marking the formal Addition of a new member in the Web automation testing field. In its new version, apart from fixing a number of bugs, the most eye-catchingThe goal is to add support for Google Chrome in

Selenium-java Web Automation Testing Tools

The origin of this article, the two days to tidy up their regular use and very skilled projects, today suddenly think of missing one, fill up, but think of no corresponding blog, then write a simpleSome of the techniques I often use and are relatively skilled are as follows (I don't know if it counts as the spicy chicken in the eyes of the Gods):Traditional Web project testing, most of them rely on the test Department of Small Partners manual operatio

Fedora23 install and use web automation testing tools selenium and fedora23selenium

Fedora23 install and use web automation testing tools selenium and fedora23selenium 1. pip install selenium requires root permission 2. Run openchrome. py: from selenium import webdriverfrom selenium.common.exceptions import NoSuchElementExceptionfrom selenium.webdriver.comm

Selenium+python for Web Automation testing (DEMO+API)

elements, i.e. a webelement listFIND_ELEMENTS_BY_ID ()Find_elements_by_name ()Find_elements_by_class_name ()Find_elements_by_tag_name ()Find_elements_by_link_text ()Find_elements_by_partial_link_text ()Find_elements_by_xpath ()Find_elements_by_css_selector ()For a detailed description of the API, please refer following points should be taken into consideration when using: Python

Selenium+excel implementation of parametric automation testing

(".//*[@id = ' site_nav_md ']/ul/li[2]/a")); (); //use XPath to navigate to the username input boxWebelement username = driver.findelement (By.xpath (".//*[@id = ' inputusername ']")); //use XPath to navigate to the Password input boxwebelement password = driver.findelement (By.xpath (".//*[@id = ' Inputpassword ']")); //Navigate to the login button via XPathWebelement login = driver.findelement (By.xpath (".//*[@id = ' Loginreg ']/div/div[1]/form/p/button")); //clear

Application Python+selenium for Web Automation testing under MAC OS

("") Time.sleep (1) Browser.find_element_by_link_text ("Login"). Click () time.sleep (1) browser.find_element_by_id ("INPUT1"). Send_keys ("User name") browser.find_element_by_id ("Input2"). Send_keys (the password") browser.find_element_by_id ("signin"). Click () time.sleep (1)Try: ifBrowser.find_element_by_link_text ("Exit"): Print "Login successfully."except: Print "Login failed."#browser.quit ()Run results (test pass):This is done with a simple test case under

Functional Automation Testing Tools Selenium individual browsers and Android device driver methods

(Mobilecapabilitytype.platform_name, "Android"); Capabilities.setcapability (Mobilecapabilitytype.device_name, "WQ"); Capabilities.setcapability (mobilecapabilitytype.version, "6.0.1"); Capabilities.setcapability ("Apppackage", "");//This is the native app's package name capabilities.setcapability (" Appactivity "," ");//start activity URL url = new URL (" Hub "); Sdriver = new Androiddri

Java+selenium some small summaries of Web UI Automation testing

"); Chromeoptions.addarguments (" window-size=1280,900 ");Run Chromedriver in 0LINUX/MAC environment need to force set it as executable fileFilefile=newfile ("Chromedriver path"); File.setexecutable (true);-GeckodriverProfilesiniprofile=newprofilesini (); Firefoxprofileffprofile=profile.getprofile ("Default"); Capabilities.setcapability (Firefoxdriver.profile, Ffprofile); Setting firefoxoptionsfirefoxoptions=newfirefoxoptions (capabilities) for certificate authentication, firefoxoptions.setcapab

Python+selenium Automated Software Testing (6th): Selenium PHANTOMJS page parsing using

We all know selenium is a web-based automated testing tool that can operate multiple browsers on multiple platforms, such as running a browser, accessing a page, clicking a button, submitting a form, browser window adjustment, right mouse button and drag-and-drop action, drop-down boxes and dialog box processing, and so on, we use it when crawling, The main is selenium

Use Selenium/ant to do Web application Remote Automation testing

The client side primarily uses an ant build file to start JUnit's testcase, which in turn launches the test method in TestCase to connect and activate the server side for automated testing. The code for the client-side core test unit is as follows: Java code packagecom.tail.p2test; importjunit.framework.test; importjunit.framework.testcase; importjunit.framework.testsuite; importjunit.textui.testrunner; importcom.thoughtworks.selenium.defaults

SELENIUM+JDBC Implementing parameter Automation testing

); Username.sendkeys (name); //enter the corresponding password value for(intJ=0;j) {password.clear (); String Pass=Passwordlist.get (j); Password.sendkeys (pass); } (); webdriverwait wait=NewWebdriverwait (driver,10); Webelement Logoutbutton= Wait.until (Expectedconditions.elementtobeclickable (By.xpath (".//*[@id = ' site_nav_md ']/ul/li[3]/a[2]"))); (); } }}View CodeThe above code is to give yourself a recor

[Selenium+java] Cross Browser testing using Selenium Webdriver

Chromedriver ();} Check if parameter passed as ' edge ' else if (Browser.equalsignorecase ("Edge")) {//set path to Edge.exeSystem.setProperty ("Webdriver.edge.driver", ". \\MicrosoftWebDriver.exe"),//create edge instancedriver = new Edgedriver ();} else{//if No browser passed throw exceptionthrow new Exception ("Browser is not correct");} Driver.manage (). Timeouts (). implicitlywait (timeunit.seconds);} @Testpublic void Testparameterwithxml () throws Interruptedexception{driver.get ("http://de

Web Automation test Plug-in Selenium-ide plug-in installation using

 Selenium is a Throughtworks the Company a strong open source Web Functional Testing Tool series, this series now mainly includes the following 4 section: q1.SeleniumCore: A test case that supports DHTML (effects like data-driven testing), which is seleniumide and SELENIUMRC 's engine. q2.SeleniumIDE: a plugin for FireFox that supports script recording. q3.S

How to do web automation test using Selenium

The project consultant suggested using selenium for automated testing of Web applications, and decided to automate testing of functional modules with simple business logic and stable functions, such as simple login modules. The following is a brief summary of the process. I ran sel

Automated testing of complex WEB applications using a layered selenium framework

organizing it into a test Suite for performing tests. In fact, the testing of 3 search engines, because of homogeneity, can also be combined into a test, using different input parameters to specify the search engine to be tested. This is considered to be three components, just to illustrate how to organize multiple test modules in a selenium+testng environment.F

Python+selenium using Page object for automated testing of pages-not yet done

Page Object mode is a test design pattern in selenium, which is to design each page as a class that contains the elements (buttons, input boxes, headings, etc.) that need to be tested on the page. This allows the page element to be fetched by invoking the page class on the Selenium test page, which subtly avoids the need to test the page code when the page element ID or location changes. When the page eleme

Using FitNesse for Interface automation testing

query operation. You can also refer to the FitNesse Official User Guide for the use of tables in FitNesse. Let's take a look at the execution results: This article only describes the query operation, other operations are not introduced. Summarize This article mainly introduces the use of FitNesse in interface testing and integration testing, from the above demo can be seen,

Rapid implementation of reusable automated testing in translation verification tests using the Selenium IDE

often rely on existing translations that can change in each release, greatly increasing the volatility of automated script execution; Translation validation testing focuses on new or changing features that are inherently unstable and prepare automated scripts for them, increasing the cost of modification and maintenance; Also because the translation verification tests focus on new or changing features, the previously prepared automated scripts are

Interface Automation testing using Postman+newman+python

Import OS class Postmanapitest: #运行postman生成报告 #通过newman def postman (self): Jsonfname = ' d:/htmlout ' + time.strftime ('%y-%m-%d ', Time.gmtime ()) + '. html ' # cm d = ' Newman run? D:/buddy_test_enviroment.postman_collection.json--reporters cli,html,json,junit--reporter-html-export ' + Jsonfname Cmd= ' Newman run D:/buddy_product_enviroment.postman_collection.json--reporters Cli,html,json,junit- -reporter-json-export D:/jsonout.json--reporter-junit-export d:/xmlout.xml--reporter-ht

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