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Python gets the way to run the directory with the current script directory

The example in this article describes how Python obtains the running directory and the current script directory. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation method is as follows: Import osimport sys# Run directory Currentpath =

Daily Backup Script directory Shell

#!/bin/sh#please user the full Path DirectorySitename= ""prefix= ' Date +%y%m%d 'Cur_bak_name=${sitename} "_" ${prefix} "_bak"Cur_bak_name_gz=${cur_bak_name} ". tar.gz"Backupdir= "/home/backup"Sitedir= "/home/wwwroot"if [!-f

PHP Gets the current script directory GETCWD (), __file__

The path to get the current file today generally uses the following two functions.GETCWD () function GETCWD-Get Current working directory DescribeString GETCWD (Invalid)Gets the current working directory. return valueReturns the success on the

Dynamic web page creation specifications

I. Directory structureThe naming rules for the directory structure are English letters or abbreviations. Write down a Word file in readme.doc under each directory, indicating the file situation in the directory, including the file name, main

VBS combined with wget implementation download website picture _vbs

VBS Function PROCEDURE: 1. Call wget: Download all pages of Web site to this script directory ... 2. Scan all files in this script directory ... 3. Read all pages in this script directory, match picture URL address ... 4. Save all picture URL

Hadoop (CDH4 release) Cluster deployment (deployment script, namenode high availability, hadoop Management)

Preface After a while of hadoop deployment and management, write down this series of blog records. To avoid repetitive deployment, I have written the deployment steps as a script. You only need to execute the script according to this article, and

Code for the production of Dynamic Web pages

Dynamic | specification | Web page one, directory structure The naming rules for directory structures are in English letters or phonetic abbreviations as directory names. Specify a Readme.doc Word file in each directory, stating the file under the

Linuxiptables backing up and recovering instances from different machines

Linuxiptables: backs up and recovers instances from different machines. 1. the configuration file location of iptables is:/etc/sysconfig/iptables master control machine: a sub-machine in service running. backup machine: when the master machine fails,

Install CGI script in Win2000 and winnt

CGI script installation in Win2000 and winnt (Download this tutorial)   I. Preparations Install IIS, which is an Internet Information Service component Install the instmsi.exe Program

Backup and recovery methods for iptables rules

Linuxiptables: backs up and recovers instances from different machines. 1. the configuration file location of iptables is:/etc/sysconfig/iptables master control machine: a sub-machine in service running. backup machine: when the master machine fails,

Dba_oracle ERP Restart Database/application/concurrent/apache (case)

2014-12-27 Created by Abalone newFirst, restart the database Step1. Go to the Script directorysu -pwd/u1/vis/visora/db/tech_st/11.1. 0/appsutil/scripts/prod_paleonode1Step2. Launch the App./ StartStep3. Start monitoring./

Basic knowledge of the GCC compiler

DescriptionHere I only talk about the most basic things. After all, I just started using Linux. And I don't have any good notes to use, so I thought I would simply write a blog. But written blog there is the risk of being seen by others, but it

Troubleshooting during linux File Server Installation

When installing the linux File Server, skip the troubleshooting tutorial-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. Please try your best to use the tree mode. Troubleshooting

Introduction to PHP Source code directory Structure _php tutorial

Amin Based on the PHP-5.3.8 source code to share the PHP kernel structure, in order to better understand the PHP script execution process and write efficient script. The directory structure is as follows: 1. Build and

Linux self-starting service check

Linux self-starting service check-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. In linux, each service has a corresponding running script, which can be used to set the startup, stop,

[MongDB O & M] MongDB automatic installation script-rpm package installation version

MongoDB automatic installation and deployment this article is divided into two parts: MongoDB automatic installation directory description; MongoDB automatic installation script content. The first part of MongoDB automatic installation script

MySQl Backup recovery policy (full + Incremental backup policy)

#! Binsh # Name: mysqlFullBackup. sh # PS: MySQLDataBaseFullBackup. # Writeby: I. stone # LastModify: 2007-11-17 # Usemysqldump -- helpgetmoredetail. # define variables. Modify the variables as needed # define the script directory scriptsDir 'pwd' #

InstallShield methods for executing SQL scripts in MySQL and Oracle InstallShield methods for executing SQL scripts in MySQL and Oracle

BrieflyInstallShield has built-in support for MySQL and Oracle. However, this functionality is implemented through ODBC, which is very strict in the format of SQL scripts, so the scripts that have been tested by the official client are often given

Notes on executing shell scripts in hive

Instructions on executing shell scripts in hive #! /Usr/bin/env bash # Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more # contributor license agreements. see the NOTICE file distributed with # this work for additional information

Open-source ManagementStudio plug-in, ProjkyAddin, for all users

ProjkyAddin is a ManagementStudio plug-in. The installation package is more than 500 kb and is compatible with SSMS2005, SSMS2008, SSMS2008R2, SSMS2012, and SSMS2014, this function provides a shortcut for the script files on the hard disk in the

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