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Selenium using Xpath+css+javascript+jquery positioning method (treatment of selenium various localization, can not click on complications)

'] means ID is content So: This example means: any sub-tags with the id content below the second div tag, below the UL label    XPath basic learning is complete, next step to start learning P[text () = ' A ']: P tag with text a P[text () = ' A ']: text contains P tags for a a[@class = ' abc ']: P tag Class A (of course.) Since it is possible for @class to be able to use @id, why do not associate @src and @href it? ) P[not (@class = ' a ')]: P tag wit

Application of XPath in selenium Webdriver

In selenium automation, if the ID, class, name, etc General Locator cannot find the element, the XPath is used to find the element on the Web page.This time I will explain from the following three aspects:1. What is XPath2. Use of XPath syntax3. Use XPath to handle complex and dynamic elements in selenium1.

XPath positioning of the Python+selenium base

The furthest distance in the world is probably to see a page element chu there, but I can't locate it!! There are many ways to locate elements, such as through IDs, name, Class_name, Tag_name, Link_text, and so on, but the limitations of these methods are selenium, and the id attribute, first of all, must not have an id attribute for each element. The id attribute of the second element is not necessarily invariant. So these methods to understand,

Selenium Webdriver by XPath anchor element _selenium

. XPath is tough, but the positioning performance is not very good, so try to use less. If it's true that a few elements are not positioned properly, you can choose XPath or cssselector. 3. You can consider using tagname or name when you want to locate a group of elements with the same elements. 4. When there is a link need to locate, you can consider Linktext or Partiallinktext mode. Website: Http://

Web automation Framework Lazyui User's Manual (3)--a single XPath crawl plugin (selenium element fetch, there is no request!) )

Overview A previous blog post roughly describes the first demo based on Lazyui, which describes the design and use of this tool in detail. element Get plugin : Lazyui Elements Extractor, as a chrome plugin, used to crawl common controls on a page (either batch or single fetch), to get the XPath of the frame and three uniquely positioned controls on which the control is located , and generates Java code based on the Lazyui framework to solve the probl

Selenium private dish Series 2-Use of xpath [zz]

When writing selenium cases, XPath is rarely used. Now there are a lot of reference materials about the use of xpath. Next I will directly turn to a document about the use of xpath. If you are not familiar with XPath, refer to the following section. You do not need to go to

Java Selenium XPath Localization implementation method _java

index number to locate In the tested Web page, look for the query button in the second div tag INPUT[2] webelement button = driver.findelement (By.xpath ("//input[2]")); Use Page properties to locate Locate the first picture element in the page being tested img[@alt = ' div1-img1 '] webelement button = driver.findelement (By.xpath ("//img[@alt = ' div1-img1 ')"); Fuzzy positioning Starts-with Keywords Find pictures alt attribute start position contains elements

Java + Selenium element positioning (5) by Xpath

the previous steps, we click on the line of code that knows the element we want to get. At this point, we move the mouse over the line code, right-click and select Copy---copy Xpath. This allows us to get an XPath expression for that element. We can see the XPath expression only by selecting paste in any of the input boxes. For example, our Baidu homepage exampl

Use the XPath Contains, sibling function to locate in the selenium Webdriver

ObjectiveIn general, we can navigate to the target element with simple XPath, but it is difficult to navigate in a simple way for some without ID and no name, and other properties are dynamic.In this case, we need to use xpath1.0 built-in functions for positioning, and here we focus on 3 functions: Contains Sibling Contains functionWith the contains function, we can extract all elements that match a particular text.For example, on th

Selenium + Python (3)--XPath positioning

element is the same as its tag, this time cannot be positioned through the hierarchy, the index can be positioned as follows:driver.find_element_by_xpath("//select[@id=‘nr‘]/option[1]").click()driver.find_element_by_xpath("//select[@id=‘nr‘]/option[2]").click()driver.find_element_by_xpath("//select[@id=‘nr‘]/option[3]").click()The index here starts at 1, not the same as the Python index.6. XPath Logic operationsXPath is supported with (and), or (or),

Java Selenium (vi) XPath positioning

XPath begins parsing from the root node of the documentThe relative path begins with "//" and allows the XPath to begin parsing from any element node of the documentRelative path Positioning methodIn the tested Web page, find the button in the first div tagAn XPath expressioninput[@value = "Query"]Webelement button = driver.findelement (By.xpath ("//input[@value

Python Selenium XPath uses variables when positioning

Driver.find_element_by_xpath (input[@id = "kw"])The above code, I believe a lot of learning Selenium + python friends are very familiar with, is to locate Baidu home search box code, if we want to "kw", with a variable to indicate how to operate it?At present, I know there are two ways, such as the next, is to locate the Baidu search box, click the Search code, in the process of XPath positioning, using the

Web Automation 3-selenium Basic Operations Css/xpath

1.xptah can be positioned by the attributes of the element's ID, name, classDriver.find_element_by_xpath ("//input[@id = ' kw1 ']")Driver.find_element_by_xpath ("//*[@name = ' wd ']")Driver. Find_element_by_xpath ("//*[@class = ' s_ipt ']") 2. If an element ID, name, and class attribute are not available, you can also navigate to theDriver.find_element_by_xpath ("//*[@autocomplete = ' off ']")Driver.find_element_by_xpath("//input[@type = ' text ']")3. Logical operation4.

Using Python to deal with the problem of fuzzy matching of XPath positioned elements in selenium

# with contains, look for the page where the Style property value contains all the DIV elements with the keyword sp.gif, where the @ can be followed by any property name of the element.Self.driver.find_element_by_xpath ('//div[contains (@style, "Sp.gif")] '). Click ()# with Start-with, look for a DIV element with the style attribute starting with position, where the @ can be followed by any property name of the element.Self.driver.find_element_by_xpath ('//div[start-with (@style, "position")] ')

Selenium Python Automation note modify the link and open it based on the response property of the XPath find location

# Coding=utf-8Import timeImport UnitTestFrom Framework.browser_engine import BrowserengineFrom Pageobjects.bird_homepage Import homepageClass Baidusearch (UnitTest. TestCase):@classmethoddef setupclass (CLS): Browse = Browserengine (CLS)Cls.driver = Browse.open_browser (CLS)@classmethoddef teardownclass (CLS): Cls.driver.quit ()def test_baidu_search (self): Homepage = homepage (self.driver)Homepage.type_search (' xx ', ' xxx ')# HOMEPAGE.SEND_SUBMIT_BTN ()Self.driver.find_

"Selenium" XPath syntax (i)

* Matches any element node. @* matches any attribute node. Node () Matches any type of node. InstanceIn the table below, we list some path expressions and the results of these expressions: Path Expression Results /bookstore/* Selects all child elements of the bookstore element. //* Selects all elements in the document. Title[@*] Select all the t

Webgoat Tutorial Learning (vii)--xpath injection (xpath-injection)

1, in addition to SQL injection should also consider xpth Filtering.New==new inputsource (new= "/employees/employee[ Loginid/text () = ' "+ username +" ' and passwd/text () = ' "+ password +" '] "= (NodeList) xpath.evaluate (expression, inputsource, xpathconstants.nodeset);Inject Smith ' or 1=1 or ' a ' = ' A at the User's name, which will show you the first user to log in to the System. The password is a required field and can be entered arbitrarily.Webgoat

PHP Parse XML Instance tutorial using XPath

XML files are widely used in lightweight applications developed in PHP, and PHP parses and reads XML files in a variety of ways, such as JS DOM, SIMPLEXML, XPath, and so on, parsing XML files in PHP, and today is about using XPath to parse an instance of XML It also introduces some of the basic XPath syntax through XPath

[Selenium+java] How to use Selenium with Python:complete Tutorial

Original URL: to use Selenium with Python:complete TutorialSelenium supports Python and thus can be utilized with Selenium for testing. Python is easy compared-to-other programming languages, has far less verbose. The Python APIs empower you-to-connect with the browser through

Selenium _ page element locating and operation steps tutorial, selenium operation steps

Selenium _ page element locating and operation steps tutorial, selenium operation steps [Basic steps] 1. Open the browser; 2. Open the webpage; 3: positioning elements and operations; [Element positioning is the core part of automated testing] Element name Webdriver API Id Find_element_by_id () Name Find_element_by_name ()

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