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Linux Learning Notes (i)

Tags: 2015/12/12/DEV/HDA1 (IDE hard drive Interface)/DEV/SDA1 (SCSI hard drive interface, SATA hard drive interface) is now basically the SDA hard drive mount allocation partition must partition/root partition swap partition (swap partition, memory

[cve-2014-3704] Drupal 7.31 SQL Injection Vulnerability Analysis and replication

Tags: apache2.4 target with log pre website urllib password adminis not a very new loophole, the record of their own replication thinking vulnerability impact:Drupal 7.31Drupal is an open source content management platform that provides support for

Pwdgen-Password generation tool implemented with the Go language

This is a created article in which the information may have evolved or changed. For the CSDN and other major sites to save passwords for the problem,Wrote a password generation tool Pwdgen (support for generating keepass format) in the Go language.

User and Rights Management

Tags: Linux users and PermissionsLinux users and groups, in the Linux system can have multiple users and multiple tasks, Linux is a multi-user multi-tasking system, non-interference between different users. In the Linux system, each user has a

Im two openfire integrate existing system users

Label:Hefei Programmer Group: 49313181. Hefei Real-name programmer Group: 128131462 (do not want to disclose names and information to join)Q q:408365330 E-mail:[email protected]Review:Daily use of noon time to update this knowledge point of the blog

PHP implementation of AES encryption class definition and usage example PHP tips

This article mainly introduced the implementation of PHP AES encryption class definition and usage, combined with a complete instance of the AES encryption class based on the implementation and use of the method, the need for friends can refer to

JS implementation of AES encryption and interoperability with PHP method analysis

Tag:asc   creat   str    Analysis    target    ati   decode    security     decoding     <script type=

Examples of HMACMD5 encryption algorithms implemented by Python _python

This article mainly introduced the Python implementation of the HMACMD5 encryption algorithm, simply explained the concept of HMAC-MD5 encryption algorithm, the principle and combined with the case form analysis of Python implementation of HMAC-MD5

PHP uses a custom key to explain how to encrypt and decrypt data

This article mainly introduces PHP using a custom key implementation of data encryption and decryption methods, involving PHP for string conversion, interception and other operations to implement cryptographic decryption function, the need for

NODE. JS Encryption module Crypto commonly used methods introduced _node.js

Use require (' crypto ') to invoke the cryptographic module. The encryption module requires the support of the underlying system to provide OpenSSL. It provides a way to encapsulate security credentials and can be used for HTTPS secure networks and

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