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Php Standard Library (SPL) Overview

PHP extension-Overview of the PHP standard Library (SPL) SPL is a set of interfaces and classes used to solve typical problems (standard problems. This extension can only be used later than php 5.0 and will remain valid since PHP 5.3.0 is disabled.

am335x uboot SPL Analysis of TI Sitara am335x system

This article is reproduced from Nidetech blog Chip-to-uboot start-up process     ROM→SPL→UBOOT.IMG introduction     ROM code in 335x is the first level of Bootlader. When the MPU is power on, it will automatically execute the code here, complete

PHP standard Library (SPL) Overview

SPL is a set of interfaces and classes that are used to solve typical problems (standard problems). This extension can only be used after PHP 5.0 and is no longer closed from PHP 5.3.0, and will remain valid as part of the PHP kernel


Spl_autoload is the default automatic load function that SPL implements, its function is relatively simple. It can receive two parameters, the first parameter is $class_name, the class name, the second parameter $file_extensions is optional, the


Spl_autoload_register () :When a class is called Undefined, all functions registered to the Spl_autoload_register () function are called sequentially, instead of calling the __autoload function.solve the problem :The function __autoload ($classname)

Informix Stored Procedure Structure

1. Introduction         stored procedure (Stored Procedure) is a set of SQL statements that are compiled and stored in a database in order to accomplish a specific function. The user executes it by specifying the name of the stored procedure and

Uboot 2017.01 Start-up process analysis

Preface 2017.01 Uboot contains two stages of start-up, one is SPL-initiated, and the other is a normal start-up we call the second stage of Uboot. Of course, we can also choose to use SPL and not to use it. In the process of compiling, the second

What is S-OFF

Recently the next door began to maliciously hurt the machines of friends who had bought S-OFF. I can't stand it anymore. Post out a description. What is S-OFF? S stands for security lock. S-OFF is the protection off. S-ON is to protect open Secure

Global ordering of MapReduce Totalorderpartitioner

We know that the MapReduce framework sorts the map output key before the feed data is given to reducer, which ensures that every reducer is locally ordered, and the default partitioner of Hadoop is Hashpartitioner, It depends on the output key

Analysis of php-automatic loading principle

Speaking of PHP automatic loading, many students may think of various framework of the automatic loading function, PHP specifications in the PSR0 and PSR4 principles, composer Automatic loading function, and so on, these are for our development to

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