tns 12541 tns no listener

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"Ora-12541:tns: No Listener" error occurred while resolving PL/SQL Developer Connection Database

Label:Occurs when connecting to a database with PL/SQL developer"Ora-12541:tns: No Listener" error.1. Check Listener.log logThe following error was found:Tnslsnr for 32-bit windows:version on 20月-September-2008

Oracle tnsping hostname/IP display Tns-12541:tns:no listener

Tags: Oracle listener tnspingToday is a cloudy day, God want to down, sleepy always want to sleep ...The amount of ... Don't say much nonsense.Today, I want to do a catalog library, I installed on the virtual machine oracle11g, this is different

Oracle ora-12541:tns: No Listener

Tags:--alt start Mode amp err%s connect local dbconsoleOracle ora-12541:tns: No ListenerTags: Oracle DataBase Today, using the Oracle database, using the Visual connection tool to connect to the database of the test environment prompt no

Connect Oracle times Error Ora-12541:tns with Plsql: No listener

Tags: oracle plsql no listener ora-12541 TNSAfter the successful installation of ORACLE11, with Plsql landing when prompted Ora-12541:tns: No monitoring program, unable to login. Here summarizes the solution to this kind of method, hope can help

TNS-12541,TNS-12560,TNS-00511,TNS-12542,TNS-12560,TNS-00512 Database Start monitoring error

Label:1th. Database Server Monitoring Error1.1.1 Database Listener Error1.1.1.1 Problems and phenomenaThe server environment is ORACLE11G RAC Environment, after the system starts, the listener is not up.[Email protected] ~]$ lsnrctl statusLsnrctl

Tns-12541:tns:no Listener Tns-12560:tns:protocol Adapter Error Tns-00511:no listener Linux error:

Tags: des class blog Code tar ExtToday is 2014-06-17, encountered a very strange problem, may test the reason for monitoring changes before, causing the monitoring to automatically shut down after startup, this is to record the entire process,The

Tns-12541:tns:no Listener TNS-12560 Tns-00511:no Listener

To test the need, the system administrator helped to clone an Oracle database server to a virtual machine, I went up to delete the root, Oracle, Tomcat account crontab timed job, and then launched an Oracle database instance, delete the job under Ora

Tns-12541:tns:no Listener, tns-12542:tns:address already in use

Label:View database listening status is incorrect$ LSNRCTL StatusLsnrctl for Ibm/aix RISC system/6000:version on 05-nov-2012 08:54:08Copyright (c) 1991, Oracle. All rights reserved.Connecting to (Description= (address=

Oracle cannot connect troubleshooting [TNS-12541:TNS: No listener]

Tags: program red customer color Linux text grep GRE processing1. Situation: After the installation of Oracle good, the holiday shutdown after the restart unexpectedly found that can not be normal connection, customer error: Tns-12541:tns: no

Oracle Listener fails to start (tns-12537,tns-12560,tns-00507)

Tags: des style blog color OS io strong forOracle initiates monitoring error, indicating connection interruption[[Email protected] ~ for linux:version on 06-aug-2014 20:02:161991, 20 , Oracle.

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