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Theory, method and practice summary of software architecture

Label:The 1th Chapter: Introduction to Software architectureWhat are software crises and what are the specific manifestations of software crises?Software crisis: Backward software production can not meet the rapid growth of computer software

Comparative analysis of common software development models

As with anything, software has its own process of gestation, birth, growth, maturation and decay, which is generally referred to as the "software life cycle". The software lifecycle is generally divided into 6 phases, namely planning, requirements an

Getting Started with beginners: Software testing starts from scratch (author: Wang Wei)

Label:Getting Started with beginners: zero-based software testingAuthor: Wang WeiThis article is for the novice software testing, from the pre-test preparation, test requirements collection, test case design, test case execution, test results

Architectural style and architecture design based on Web application software (i.)

Label:Roy Thomas FieldingTranslator: Li YuPaper abstractThe success of the web (the World Wide Web, the English universal name, Wide, or web) is largely due to the design of its software architecture to meet the needs of a distributed hypermedia

Summary of basic concepts of software architecture

Label:This course, like UML modeling and programming methodology, is a relatively high-level view of the entire software structure. Not a concern for algorithms, or language. If you are interested in becoming a software architect, you should take

Software Testing Basics (iv) test types

Label:Installation testThe test is installed to ensure that the software is properly installed and running on the customer's hardware device.Compatibility testA compatibility test is a test that tests the software on a particular hardware platform,

Software Engineering: Process and method of software engineering

Label:Although programmers lead a good salary, they also pay a great deal of energy and time. With the increasing size of software, the uncertainty of user requirements and the rapid change, so that software development can not stay in the small

Software process and project management--the first week of work (2)

Label:1. Choose a software you are familiar with, review its pros and cons, and describe the history of such software development• System software: Operating system, device driver, tool software, etc.• Application software: Users use them to

From programmers to software designers

Label:The development of software industry to today, the Division of labor more and more fine. Programmers as a generic appellation have not been able to define the characteristics and classification of various jobs. Because the various

Fundamentals of Software Testing (summary)

1. Three elements of the software: program (code that implements a specific function) document (support code run) data (support program run everything about) 2. The product quality of the software refers to the. 1) quality refers to the synthesis of

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