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Install VPS and LNMP in Ubuntu

In Linux, VPS (virtual servers) have become essential products for many server space operators, so that you can maximize the benefits with minimal investment. VPS is used to install several virtual servers on one server. Each virtual server can have an independent IP address, and the environment does not interfere with each other. The security aspect is higher than that of the virtual host, unless someone c

Connect to remote VPS Using SSH keys in Ubuntu Linux

Many of my friends found that someone in their VPS would try the root Password Brute Force. The purpose of this tutorial is to shield the password from logging on to SSH, instead of using only the key to log on to SSH.This greatly improves the security of VPS (except for program vulnerabilities)Note: In this example, the local environment is Linux. In Windows, refer to other tutorials on the network.Warning

Xen vps (Linux)-install pptpd VPN on Ubuntu/Debian

Now I have changed Ubuntu 9.10, and the previous method is not very useful. Fortunately, I found the VPN introduction written by users who are also Linode Ubuntu 9.10 On the website. It has been tested before. First, make sure that your vps has been following Getting Started With Linode This article provides preliminary preparations. For VPN installation, you mus

OpenVZ VPS Host One-click Install VNC desktop Environment (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS)

A lot of friends in reading the article can also be installed to use, but there are some users mentioned more complex, after all, for the first contact with Linux users, the input command is a key difficult. So Chiang tidied up to the OpenVZ VPS host based on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS this 3 release version to install VNC Remote Desktop Tutorial. First, install VNC one key package A,

Built PPTP service on VPS Ubuntu venet0:0-j MasqueradeSet the MTU to prevent the package from being too largeIptables-a forward-s tcp-m tcp--tcp-flags syn,rst syn-j TCPMSS--SET-MSS 1200Add a NAT ( is the public IP of your VPS)Iptables-t nat-a postrouting-s SNAT--to-source save the iptables rule so that the rule is not lost after reboot:Iptables-save >/etc/iptables-rulesFinally edit the network card file,

VPS server security configuration in Ubuntu

A month ago, the blog moved to the Digitalocean VPS, originally considered to use CentOS, but if the use of Ubuntu server can have 20 of dollars credit, CentOS only 10 dollars, So instead of using Ubuntu12.04 as a VPS system, SSH into the system can be seen Digitalocean has been to the system has been strengthened, you can omit part of the security configuration.

Debian/ubuntu/centos VPS Installation Net-speeder and optimized

: According to my experience, the time of the day when the United States over 24 points after the domestic visit delay is soaring, so we set here is 13, 2 o'clock midnight closed.PrecautionsThe following conditions are not suitable for use with Net-speeder: Small traffic VPS, because using Net-speeder will consume double traffic. Mainly provide web pages, pictures and other small file access. Net-speeder for downloading large files

How to Configure Logging and logs Rotation in Apache on an Ubuntu VPS

IntroductionThe Apache Web server can be configured to give the server administrator important information about what it is functioning And what issues, if any, need to be addressed.The main avenue for providing feedback to the administrator are through the use of the log files. Apache have a very configurable logging mechanism that can is used to output messages to different places based on instruct Ions.In the This guide, we'll look at what to utilize Apache's logging functionality to set up s

ubuntu+nginx+php installation tutorials for VPS based on Xen _nginx

Because the system performance requirements are very low, so select the link-1,2.5g hard disk, 64M memory, 100GB traffic, 1 Independent IP. Use the discount code 9dmm7r can have a 10% discount, vpslink.com. Of course, can also find a larger discount code, but generally limited to 3 months. Install OS in vpslink background, select ubuntu9.04, one minute after system installed, SSH login root. Work 1: Configure the Web server To debug a program, a Web server that supports PHP is still needed. Mem

Configure a Ubuntu server (VPS)

Configure a Ubuntu server (VPS) 1, install basic services apache + php + mysql1. install sudoapt-getinstallapache2sudoapt-getinstallphp5sudoapt-getinstalllibapache2-mod-php5sudoapt-getinstallmysql-serversudoapt-get in turn Configure a Ubuntu server (VPS) 1. Install basic services apache + php + mysql 1. Install Sudo ap

Xen-based VPS ubuntu + nginx + php installation tutorial

Because the system performance requirements are very low, so select the link-1,2.5g hard disk, 64m memory, 100GB traffic, 1 Independent IP.Using the discount code 9dmm7r can have a 10% discount to the VPS tutorial link.com. Of course, can also find a larger discount code, but generally limited to 3 months.Install OS in vpslink background, select ubuntu9.04, one minute after system installed, SSH login root.Work 1: Configure the Web serverTo debug a pr

Ubuntu VPS in the WordPress Web site open When prompted "to establish a database connection error" solution _php instance

First, the discovery of problems When I tried to edit the WordPress theme of the blog site, I suddenly found that the blog site could not connect, and then prompted the error "Establish database connection error" after refreshing. The natural idea is that MySQL may be wrong, so they landed on the VPS host, trying to start the MySQL service, but prompted failed. Ii. Solutions 1. Open /var/log/mysql/error.log the file and view the error log. When I r

VPS Server Configuration Ubuntu + LAMP + Nginx method

Web site Environment LAMP. What is LAMP? It is Linux + Apache + MySQL + php/perl abbreviation, is a concise, strong, widely supported site environment. At home there seems to be a lot of people recommend to change A (Apache) to N (Nginx), but I do not recommend this, because Nginx relative to Apache, the support of PHP is worse, and lack of. htaccess directory-level configuration file support, rewrite function is not very Good. Most of all, LAMP is also an official recommended website environme

Ubuntu VPS Installation JDK

; " > update-alternatives--install/usr/bin/java java/opt/jdk/jdk1.8.0_05/bin/java 100de>andDe style= "margin:0px; padding:0px; border:0px; outline:0px; background:transparent; " > update-alternatives--install/usr/bin/javac javac/opt/jdk/jdk1.8.0_05/bin/javac 100de>Verify Your InstallationVerify that Java have been successfully configured by running:De style= "margin:0px; padding:0px; border:0px; outline:0px; background:transparent; " > update-alternatives--display javade>andDe style=

Xen-based VPs Ubuntu + nginx + PHP installation tutorial

Because the system performance requirements are very low, we chose link-1, GB hard drive, 64 M memory, GB traffic, and 1 independent IP address. You can use the discount code 9dmm7r to enjoy a 10% discount, vpslink.com. Of course, you can also find a discount code for a larger discount, but generally only within 3 months. Install OS In the vpslink background, select ubuntu9.04, one minute later the system is installed, and log on to the root through SSH. Job 1: configure the Web Server For de

Configure Rsync server on Ubuntu VPS

Installing rsyncPerform the following command installation:Apt-get install-y rsyncYou can then use the following command to see which files are installed:Dpkg-l rsyncConfiguring RsyncModify the corresponding content in the configuration file/etc/default/rsync as:Rsync_enable=trueAdd the configuration file/etc/rsyncd.conf, as follows:Port = 873UID = rootGID = rootUse chroot = yesRead Only = yesHosts allow= deny=*Max connections = 5Log file =/var/log/rsyncd.logLog format

Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 Beta 2 Trial

On July 15, March 27, 2014 (that is, yesterday), Ubuntu Kylin released Ubuntu Kylin to release the 14.04 Beta 2 user test. However, xiaobian has been overwhelmed by the excitement and has experienced 14.04 Beta 2. Let's take a look at it! System Information Ubuntu Browser From the title, we can see that this is the legendary

[Ubuntu] QQforLinux1.0Preview2 trial note

Tencent official download from the QQforlinuxpreview2 version, currently provides three formats of deb, rpm and tgz compressed package, because I use Ubuntu, So download is deb format of linuxqq_v1.0-preview2_i386.deb. (See.) The official website is http://im.qq.com/qq/linux/download.shtml. after reading another article under ubuntu8.04 Tencent official download from the QQ for linux preview2 version, currently provides three formats of deb, rpm and

Ubuntu 14.04 daily build test version trial

I haven't tried Ubuntu for a long time. Despite the failure of unity 8's wish, some minor debugging on unity 7 is still very good. This is a stable desktop, there is no problem at all during the trial and it is very smooth. I didn't install the test version of the system, but made a USB flash drive to start it. On the page, Ubuntu provides a shortcut prompt boar

How to use Tripwire to detect the intrusion of an Ubuntu VPS server

confirm that the root has a scheduled task:sudo crontab -lIf a timed task already exists, you should back up the task by pipe:sudo sh -c ‘crontab -l > crontab.bad‘We can then edit this scheduled task:sudo crontab -eIf this is your first time running a scheduled task, it will ask which editor you want to open. If you don't have a custom editor, the Nano is a good choice.After opening the file, we can customize the tripwire of automation. Because we only need tripwire to run every day, we just ne

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