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Iis7 beta free webhosting free hosting for ASP. NET 2.0 iis7

Free IIS 7 beta hosting Maximum ASPMaximumasp is proud to be the first Hoster partnered with Microsoft to help cutting edge developers and IT pros learn IIS 7, and showcase their applications to the world. we'll provide you with 50

How to query the number of websites bound to an ip address

Currently, the following services are available:1. Http://www.myipneighbors.com/, with a verification code, no other way to query restricted;2. Http://www.iwebtool.com/reverse_ip. if you do not have a registration status, you can check the status

How to query the number of websites on an IP address

Query the number of domain names bound to an IP address. Generally, the second-level domain name is not queried.Main purposes:1. query before a host is rented, such as oversales.2. Search for some websites of interest, so that multiple websites of

Index of Overseas website resources

Links to some overseas English resources, including host reviews, Low-cost host, free hosting, free space, blog tools, advertising alliances, search optimization, directory index, webmaster discussions, webmaster resources. This site links for my

Web penetration Security Testing

When conducting a security penetration test, we first need to collect as much information as possible for the target application. Therefore, information collection is an essential step for penetration testing. This task can be completed in different

The first WCF project and Ajax

Windows Communication Foundation is released as. NET Framework 3.0. Therefore, only version 2008 and later can be used to create a WCF application. WCF is an integration of existing distributed communication technologies, including COM/DCOM,. Net

Ashin interpretation of Google Webmaster Guide: Design and Content Guide (i)

As a webmaster, on the major search engine webmaster Guide to know all about it? We want our site in Google, Baidu and other search engines have a better ranking and more included, is not to first understand Google, Baidu and other search engine

PHP accelerated eaccelerator Configuration and usage Guidelines _php tips

Some time ago completed the server from FreeBSD4.10 to 6.1 upgrade, while the PHP also upgraded to the latest Php5.1.4,apache also upgraded to the latest Apache2.2, in order to better improve the performance of the system to consider some of the PHP

Google activates the free host service. If you have an email account, you can register it. Currently, you can only store up to 40 pages.

Log on to the following website to create your own website. Http://pages.google.com/ Demo: http://rocsky.googlepages.com/ Google has launched a beta version of a free hosting service, GooglePage creator. The service, which is currently limited

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