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SEO composite element score calculation: 51 points

As SEO practitioners, if you do not know the ranking mechanism of some search engines, want to get a good ranking is also a certain degree of difficulty, understand the search engine ranking mechanism can better work for us, so that we better understand the ranking mechanism algorithm. As illustrated below. SEO Elements of the periodic table, is published very early. It was intended to be further explained

Baidu new SEO score similar to GOOGLEPR value

Although Google continues to remind you not to pay too much attention to the PR value, but China's SEO do not care. Perhaps we have always been with the score to grow. From kindergarten onwards, we evaluate whether a child is good or not, and whether it is clever to distinguish it with a simple score. So Google's PR value is completely suitable for the Chinese me

Seo concepts and methods for website Search Optimization

ConceptSearch engine optimization, also known as search engine optimization, is a popular online marketing method in recent years. It aims to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase the website's visibility, in this way, sales opportunities are increased. The SEO of a website refers to the use of search engines to make the website content more acce

PHP to achieve professional access to website SEO information class instances, SEO examples _php tutorial

: Intval (' 0 '); }/** * Get the Pagespeed rank over $ * @param string $url * @return integer */publiC static function Page_speed ($url) {$url = ' '. $url. ' format=json '; $str = self::get_html ($url); $data = Json_decode ($STR); Return Intval ($data->results->score); }/** * Get Google Page Rank * @param string $url * @return integer */public static function Page_rank ($url {$

WordPress SEO? WordPress website Ultimate Optimization Guide

Original address: The latest news, the Oriental Design Institute WordPress SEO series of video tutorials are continuing to update the current, in order not to let the video spread too much, set the login permissions, interested users can simply fill out a form to request test account, submit a form to us, We will reply to the test account login password

Recommend some SEO tool software and site, do station Essential Products _ website application

query. Input URL query, you can get similar search engine query results, including title, Description, Keywords, as well as part of the content of the site. You can use to investigate the website itle, Description, keywords is how to write. SEO Tools: PageRank CheckerQuery the PR value of the site

Website operation: Do four points experience of website SEO

seo| website Operation | SEO is not for search engines and search engines, when you site a good user experience, then this is the best SEO, search engines They want is the result of the search is the user most want a good page, so as long as a good user experience flow naturally big! Today, I was talking on the stage,

Seo suggestions for website revision traffic!

website uses the 302 redirection command to direct other domain names to the primary domain, only Google will include the link scores of other domain names in the primary domain, other search engines only share the link score to multiple domain names, reducing the total number of links on the main site. Since the number of external links, one of the key factors in webs

5 Techniques to kill your website SEO

Baidu Webmaster platform should be invited to take the time to do some of the details of this article to supplement, welcome attention and discussion. Because of the current stage, touch screen technology and the development of mobile Internet, SEO is also faced with a variety of algorithmic changes, technological change or further, the transformation of marketing methods, then these changes, for some technical details, often may not be able to take i

We must learn to analyze which website SEO data?

For the staff to do SEO, in addition to master some basic SEO technology, the most important thing is to learn to do the data analysis of the site, as a seoer, we will pay attention to a lot of kinds of data every day, sometimes we just look at the site of the inclusion of the situation, Sometimes we just look at the ranking of a keyword up, sometimes we just open the page to look at it, in fact, we have to

E-commerce website SEO optimization strategy and network marketing sharing

has many different types of links, such links to the site's contribution is very limited or even negative impact.    One, the unique website content construction Because the search engine in the index more attention to the uniqueness of the site content, that is, the so-called original content, with unique content of the page in the search engine scores will be higher than the same content page. The idea of the unique content constructi

Zhimeng dedecms website's six Seo optimization skills

A well-ranked website is inseparable from a good CMS. Of course, different CMS have their own advantages. Therefore, when launching a new website, we must adapt to different situations as appropriate, select different website management systems for Seo optimization. The popular CMS is zhimeng dedecms, today, I will sha

Static seo-optimized url-based website ranking analysis

In the early stages of development, seo search engines are generally reluctant to crawl and include dynamic URLs. The main reason is that they are stuck in an infinite loop or contain a large number of duplicate content, resulting in a great waste of resources.What is a dynamic path?A dynamic path is a path that contains question marks, well numbers, and other special symbols. Simply put, a path that contains numbers and letters is a dynamic path.Why

Seo. How many mistakes have your website made?

There are a lot of webmasters who want to start a business, and there is no more traffic for the website. For a new station, the traffic is the final principle. They have contact with many webmasters who want to learn or learn Seo at the startup stage, many problems are found. At the same time, the vast majority of these ideas come from the Internet. Without practice, they also bring errors to their website

Racks Industrial teaches you, the website revision, the migration to the SEO influence solution

said that the site space also represents a virtual host, Simply speaking, web site space is the Web server to store the site code and provide access to the space! The site space plays an important role in the search engine optimization of the website. 2, to solve the impact of SEO, the main steps of the site migration is as follows: first, by moving the content of a directory subdomain to test the entire s

Long Jun: Website SEO optimization Skills Complete Manual

Hello everyone, I am Hunan seo (hnt) webmaster Long Jun. Small make up the site today to do SEO optimization suggestions and skills, to share out, for SEO optimization has questions and are groping SEO webmaster friends learn, Exchange. If there are omissions, please correct me. This article may be longer, really want

Necessary software for website optimization/SEO

the form of a chart. after logging on, you can define a list. Http:// Keyword density analysis tool Analyzes the number of times a specified keyword appears on a specified page and the percentage density. English: Http:// Keyword Popularity Ranking and index Google pop: Baidu ranking: Overture keywords tool: http://inventor

Reasonable analysis of website SEO optimization of the top ten misunderstandings (last article)

. Before talking about this question, I will show you a section of Baidu official text announcement, the original address ZHANZHANG.BAIDU.COM/WIKI/36    See here, stationmaster, how many is know this point? All of you have to ask yourself. Baidu official clearly show that love is the weight of information data has never been provided to the external Inquiry service, the third party's data do not as real data to refer to! So what is the real Baidu weight? I think this can be said to

Weaving Dream dedecms website six SEO optimization tips (reprint)

A good ranking site can not be separated from a good CMS, of course, different CMS has various benefits, so we in the new website on the line, to adapt to different circumstances, choose a different site management system to do SEO optimization, now using the more popular CMS is weaving dream dedecms, Today on the use of the background of the site to share some SEO

The navigation and location of the SEO scheme of the Electric Tao website

site navigation is the same as the real-life supermarket, navigation positioning, navigation directory how the layout of the real life as the supermarket, Reasonable navigation directory layout can better guide users to the site user experience, but also facilitate the search engine to score the site, so as a new station navigation directory, not rely on their own mind, take for granted positioning, to consider what users need to consider what kind o

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