while loop in perl script

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Perl Basic Syntax Introduction _ Basics Tutorial

one. DataType (data type ):Perl's data types are roughly four: Scalar (variables), Scalar Array (array), hash array (hash), References (pointer), but they seem to be small but more than sufficient. In particular, you can write a Perl program without

How to Use eclipse to debug Perl applications

How to Use eclipse to debug a Perl application before 11:30:36 This tutorial will introduce the debugging functions provided by the eclipse epic plug-in. This plug-in provides a rich debugging environment that can be used in the epic Perl

Basic perl syntax

I. Data Types(Data type): Perl has four data types: Scalar (variable), Scalar Array (Array), Hash Array (Hash), and References (pointer ), it seems to be rare, but it is more than enough to use it. Especially when writing Perl programs, you do not

Introduction to Perl (1)

What is Perl? Perl is a free and open-source scripting language created by Larry Wall. This language is mainly intended for practical and rapid development, Structured Programming is incompatible with the popular object-oriented programming.

[Perl learning] learning notes (continuously updated)

  Author: gnuhpcSource: http://www.cnblogs.com/gnuhpc/ 1. Differences and relationships between Shell and PerlPerl is full of 10 thousand gold oil. It has implemented the functions of various system commands from its own interior, which is much more

Comparison of efficiency between C/C ++/perl/ASSEMBLY/Java

Incident I rummaged over the books that spread the case. These books are all about programming and system management. After so many years of working as a programmer, there have been countless projects and software. Every new friend asks me this

Perl's die, warn, and eval Functions

Die Function 18.4 handle errors In many cases, system calls may fail. For example, you can try to open a non-existing file, delete a directory that still contains the file, or Try to read files without read permission. In the previous example, we

Implement a simple Nids_perl through Perl

With the in-depth development of network security requirements, network-based intrusion detection technology has become an important and interesting research direction. Want to learn NIDs technology in addition to read some ready-made information

Perl reads multiple lines of text at a time. perl reads multiple lines of text at a time.

Perl reads multiple lines of text at a time. perl reads multiple lines of text at a time. When processing text, we often encounter the following situation: we need to compare the two lines of text and then output them selectively. By default, only

Awk,perl,python command-line parameter handling

Python,perl,bash command line parameter part Idaily recurring and perl,python,bash dealings, but often confused between them, on the command line of the special and index differences, Python is really humanized, but the command line is very

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