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WordPress table structure

WordPress only uses 10 tables: wp_comments, wp_links, wp_options, wp_postmeta, wp_posts, wp_term_relationships, wp_term_taxonomy, wp_terms, wp_usermeta, wp_users There are roughly five categories by functionUser information: wp_users and

Wordpress action loop

Preface & quot; loop & quot; is a term that specifies the main process of WordPress. You apply the loop in your template file to present your article to the reader. You can create templates that do not contain loops, but you can only display the

WordPress full site SEO optimization guide

WordPress is known as a construction site program. Its powerful, template-rich, adequate plug-ins, simple installation and strong customization features make us in the establishment of personal blog, or even corporate Web sites or other types of

Add a link to the WordPress method, wordpress links _php Tutorial

WordPress add links to the method, WordPress links Links for each individual blog can be said to be necessary, there are many people choose to join the link column in the sidebar, but the establishment of a separate link page is also a good choice.

Detailed analysis of WordPress databases and table structures

WordPress uses the MySQL database. As a developer, we need to master the basic structure of the WordPress database and use them in our own plug-ins or themes. As of WordPress3.0, WordPress has the following 11 tables. The default table prefix & nbsp;

WordPress table structure

Document directory Iii. WordPress tables are classified by function URL: http://www.girlcoding.com/2011/08/wordpress-database-design/ WordPress has the following 11 tables. The default table prefix WP _ is added here _. Wp_commentmeta: stores

Introduction to the WordPress keyword link plug-in that automatically adds internal and external links to the Wordpress blog

SlaveWP keyword LinkAmong the three WordPress plug-ins, Seo smart links and blogmechanic keywordlink, the WP keyword link is selected as the internal and external link plug-ins automatically added to our blog. On the one hand, it supports Chinese

The perfect method for wordpress to disable document revision and automatic saving is automatically saved by wordpress.

The perfect method for wordpress to disable document revision and automatic saving is automatically saved by wordpress. Wordpress's article revision and automatic saving functions have been annoying for so long. You have also used the super switch

Simple and practical WordPress long article paging code

Recently, manyArticleDistribution, which is relatively long. This will lead to slow page loading, which is not conducive to the user experience. Especially for newly added WordPress theme pages, although there are not many texts, each WordPress

"Turn" WordPress database and the structure analysis of each table

The default WordPress has the following 11 tables altogether. The default table prefix, WP_, is added here.Wp_commentmeta: Storing meta-data for commentsWp_comments: Store CommentsWp_links: Store links (blogroll)Wp_options: Store wordpress system

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