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httpd-2.2 Deploy discuz! forum system, wordpress blog system and phpMyAdmin program

Check the environment before configuring: [[email protected] ~]# IPTABLES-VNL//Check the firewall configuration to prevent the server from being accessed Chain INPUT (Policy ACCEPT 6 packets, 3 bytes) Pkts bytes target prot opt in out

WordPress fixed link settings

Document directory Fixed Link Type Select Permanent Link Structure Use "beautiful" fixed links Do not use a fixed link of mod_rewrite Fixed Link Problems Fixed links,. htaccess files, and MS Frontpage See External resources Permalink is

httpd-2.4 in CentOS 7 and httpd-2.2 in CentOS 6 build WordPress blog system and discuz! forum system

Before building WordPress blog system and discuz! forum system, we need to prepare the lamp environment in CentOS.Now take CentOS 6 as an example to demonstrate its process.Lamp environment =linux+apche+mysql+phpUse Yun to install apche+mysql+php in

httpd-2.4 Deploy discuz! forum system, wordpress blog system and phpMyAdmin program

Check the environment (turn off the firewall and change the SELinux status to ensure access to the outside world): [[email protected] ~]# iptables-f//-f rep shuts down the firewall anyway, production environment is not recommended[Email

Publish Forum Discuz, publish WordPress blog system

One: Release Forum Discuz:1. Configure the database:Mysql-uroot-p123123mysql> CREATE DATABASE Bbsdb;Mysql> Grant all on bbsdb.* to ' Runbbs ' @ ' localhost ' identified by ' 123123 ';mysql> flush Privileges;Mysql> quit2. Download Discuz and

lamp-build wordpress personal blog, discuz Forum

The requirements have been set up phpMyAdmin. 1 访问http://界面登入到phpMyAdmin界面; 2 点击上方创建名为wpdb的数据库; 3 点击上方创建名为wpuser管理用户; 4 使wpuser用户对wpdb数据库拥有所有权限; 5

Build WordPress Blog system and discuz! forum system in httpd-2.2 and http-2.4 respectively

Build WordPress Blog system and discuz! forum system in httpd-2.2 and http-2.4 respectivelyOneHere I use centos6.7 and centos7.2 to operate. Before building, the lamp environment needs to be built beforehand.The so-called lamp environment refers to

Install security protection for WordPress

I recently read Wordpress is the first choice for building a personal blog by Chinese people. Its position is equivalent to discuz, the first choice for building a forum (in other words, discuz only reports the command execution holes caused by

Install Wordpress blog on the dotcloud Platform

Introduction: This is a detailed page for installing the Wordpress blog on the dotcloud platform. It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: //

What is WordPress?

  WordPress is a type of usePHPLanguage DevelopmentWangzhiPlatform, users canPHPAndMySQL DatabaseSet up your own website platform on the server. You can also think that WordPress is a personal information publishing platform. WordPress inGNU

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