wordpress reset cache

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Wordpress enables Memcached Memory Cache Acceleration website

Method 1: enable Memcached in linuxTest Environment: Alibaba Cloud CentOS 5.4 32-bit, and June LNMP one-click installation package configuration environment 1.0.Install MemcachedLnmp1.0: Enter the directory after lnmp decompression and execute :.

Solutions to common WordPress blog errors

Solutions to common WordPress blog errors WordPress is a mainstream Blog building platform. WordPress is the world's most advanced weblog program. Currently, most of the programs developed are based on it. It can better grasp the search engine.

memcached Cache and Status View

Note, after the actual production of the BO main environment test, found that stand-alone memcached is not easy to use. Memcached is a high-performance distributed memory object caching system. It reduces the number of read databases by caching

Use redis to accelerate your wordpress blog five times

1. Install redis on the vps host① I use the LNMP package, which comes with redis. Execute./redis. sh to automatically install and add it to self-start② Install redis-server separately# Apt-get install redis-serverStart redis-server and add the

Summary of Fragment Development (2) and fragment Summary

Summary of Fragment Development (2) and fragment Summary There are more and more Fragment situations in the development process of the actual project. You must have encountered the destruction and reconstruction of Fragment. I will continue to

Summary of the practical development of fragment (II.)

In the actual project development process fragment more and more, we certainly need to encounter fragment destroyed reconstruction situation. Combine your own project development to summarize and learn the code of open source projects, continue to

Most common face questions in Redis

In the PHP programmer interview, we may also encounter questions about Redis, this article mainly share with you the most common Redis interview questions, hoping to help everyone. 1. What is Redis? Redis is a high-performance, memory-based

Linux server under the Nginx security configuration detailed _nginx

Nginx is a lightweight, high-performance Web server/reverse proxy and email agent (IMAP/POP3) that can run on Unix,gnu/linux,bsd variants, MAC OS x,solaris and Microsoft Windows. According to Netcraft's survey data, 6% of the Internet's domain names

Cartoon | redis FAQ (2)

In the last issue, Xiao Zhihe and a Yin were conducting an interview and Q & A. However, they were tired and wanted to have a rest before they were asked. However, they thought it was over? Of course not. You have to continue.           NOTE:

How to Use mplayer

1. Recording:Mplayer MMS: // 202. ***/test. ASF-dumpstream-dumpfile mymovie. ASFMMS, RTSP. http. FTP .... And save it as a mymovie. ASF file. 2. Convert the files that can be played by mplayer into AVI format: Mencoder Yourfile. rm-OVC copy-OAC copy-

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