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PHP long connection, playing is so simple

When it comes to long links, you must be familiar with the continuous data interaction with a link, unlike those one-night stand-by services that require frequent opening and closing links, low efficiency and increased complexity of the business. In

Several advanced extended applications of Nginx

Nginx.conf Configuration explanation Detailed user www www; Define the Nginx running user and group Worker_processes 8; #[Debug | info | notice | warn | error | crit] Error_log/data1/logs/nginx_error.log crit; Pid/usr/local/webserver/nginx/nginx.

UNIX Environment Advanced Programming: The difference between select and Epoll

Both select and Epoll are used to listen for the occurrence of an event on the socket-interface descriptor and to implement I/O multiplexing Select (poll) #include #include int Select (int maxfdpl, fd_set* readset, fd_set* Writeset, fd_set*

Using Epoll to develop High-performance application servers on Linux

Overview Epoll is Linux provides a multiplexing technology, similar to each platform to support the Select, but only epoll in the implementation of the kernel to do more optimization, can support more than select File descriptor, of course, also

Configuration and debugging of lightweight HTTP server Nginx

Nginx installation is complete, the corresponding installation directory will be generated, according to the previous installation path, Nginx's profile path is/opt/nginx/conf, where nginx.conf is the nginx main configuration file. Here is the key

UNIX Environment Advanced Programming: The Epoll function uses the detailed explanation

EPOLL-I/O Event Notification Facility In Linux network programming, it is a long time to use Select to do event triggering. In the new Linux kernel, there is a mechanism to replace it, which is epoll. The biggest advantage over Select,epoll is

Large concurrent Server Prerequisite technology: Connect asynchronous

Before we talk about most of the server and the client side of the technology, the development of servers in fact sometimes involves access to the server, such as Tencent's Pat server needs to know the login member information, you need to visit the

Nginx Technology (1) Nginx High Concurrent introduction and Nginx installation

Nginx Introduction and Installation One, why does nginx support high concurrency? The difference between Epoll and select When developing high-performance Web programs, Windows developers will say that iocp,linux developers say they will epoll.

Linux Server network development model

Why is the performance of nginx much higher than Apache? This is mainly because Nginx uses the latest epoll (Linux 2.6 kernel) and Kqueue (FreeBSD) network I/O models, while Apache uses the traditional select model. I've seen an example of this in

Advanced Programming for UNIX environments: Select, poll, and Epoll

One, select The select is currently supported on almost all platforms, and its good cross-platform support is one of its advantages, and it is, in fact, one of the few advantages it has left. One disadvantage of select is that the number of file

Tornado and subprocess How to implement non-blocking asynchronous processing of programs

Tornado is a "suite" of Open-source servers for Facebook, designed to do the Python Web or use its own extensible functionality to complete an incomplete WSGI protocol that can be used for fast web development, encapsulating epoll performance better.

Nginx Technology (2) Nginx configuration detailed

Configuration of Nginx 1, start Nginx [Root@centos6 nginx-1.2.9]#/usr/sbin/nginx-c/etc/nginx/nginx.conf boot nginx [ROOT@CENTOS6 nginx-1.2.9]# PS- Ef|grep nginx View process root 5479 1 0 04:15? 00:00:00 nginx:master

Socket for Linux network programming (13) Introduction to Epoll series functions the difference between Select and poll

Introduction of Epoll Series functions #include int epoll_create (int size); int epoll_create1 (int flags); int epoll_ctl (int epfd, int op, int fd, struct epoll_event *event); int epoll_wait (int epfd, struct epoll_event *events, int

One PHP application optimization practice for code practitioners

The system ran for a long time, there will always be such a problem and bottlenecks, there are problems not scary, we have the "tiger" thing--nothing more than the positioning problem-> analysis-> put forward solutions-> practice-> Results Feedback->

Teach you to use Nginx to build a Web server

If the reader has done web development before, you should know how to build a Web server to run your Web site, under Windows you may choose to use IIS, very fast, under Linux, you may first think of Apache, "one Brother" ( W3TECHS site data ranking)

How to view compilation parameters for Nginx,apache,lighttpd,mysql and PHP

View the parameters of some common services at compile-time installation: 1.Nginx compile-time parameters for installation [Root@test ~]#/usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx-v Nginx version:nginx/0.7.65 Built by GCC 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-48) TLS

Technical kernel analysis of Epoll event processing

Epoll efficient mechanism is actually the kernel callback, we know that Linux socket is also treated as file, but the underlying driver is not the same. Let's take a look at the kernel file structure: struct File_operations { struct

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