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Encapsulation HTML5 fullscreen API

Copy preface: With the new Full-screen API, the user's attention can be directed to a specific element, while hiding the background or diverting attention from other applications. Most browser vendors use unique identifiers to add prefixes to APIs

ASP encryption function code

Private Const Bits_to_a_byte = 8 Private Const Bytes_to_a_word = 4 Private Const Bits_to_a_word = 32 Private M_lonbits (30) Private M_l2power (30) Private Function LShift (LValue, Ishiftbits) If ishiftbits = 0 Then LShift =

PHP strictly controls the expiration time of the session

Worked for some time, I believe you must have encountered a problem:          1. The front desk user does not know how to automatically drop the line.         2. All the front desk users are also off the line after the backstage exit.         3. I

Open from a simple asp.net 5 site. NET Cross-platform tour

After experiencing the "Black 1 seconds" of air delight in Ali's cloud, we are "forced" to consider implementation. NET, replacing the Web server from Windows with Linux. And this "forced" in a long-standing desire to become the case. The wish

Stealing is also the door technology--talking about XMLHTTP application: News thief [Turn]

Xml This article refers to the Internet collation (thanks to the material devotees). Hope this article as far as possible system, try to understand. Steal, that is, without labor. On the network, such as a large authoritative site released the news,

Ajax detects if user name is occupied

Ajax Detect if user name is occupiedfunction Geto () {var Ajax=false;try {Ajax = new ActiveXObject ("Msxml2.xmlhttp");catch (e) {try {Ajax = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");catch (E) {Ajax = FALSE;}}if (!ajax && typeof xmlhttprequest!= '

Realization of online meeting system with AJAX+J2EE

This year everyone in the hype Web2.0, one of the technology Ajax is also followed by fire, so I wrote a paper called "Cheat Ajax" article, simply analyze the essence of AJAX technology. Although I do not like to follow the follow, but there are

jquery Plug-in--Multilevel Linkage menu

Introduction Development, there are many places to use the Linkage menu, each time before the linkage menu to write again, the code reuse rate is very low, a few days ago again encountered the problem of linkage menu, summed up, found that can

A collection of JavaScript practical tips

Javascript| Tips 1. oncontextmenu= "Window.event.returnvalue=false" will completely screen the right mouse button no available for table 2. deselect, prevent copying 3. onpaste= "return false" is not allowed to paste 4. oncopy= ' return false; '

Multi-button Coexistence--don ' t make me

Before in the design of a web system, discuss with another designer, "Save" and "Cancel" button how to design. My point of view is that saving is more commonly used than canceling the button, but also the main purpose of the user (the user will not

Paging functionality with XSL and ASP

Paging ASP file Approximate structure:Cc=server. MapPath ("Trans.xml")Set Source=server. CreateObject ("Msxml2.domdocument")Source.async=falseSource.load (CC) Xslfile=server. MapPath ("index.xsl")Set Style=server. CreateObject ("Msxml2.domdocument")

. NET to save picture data to an XML document

xml| data because I'm going to build the form in XML and look at the UI pattern for the most recent project, I'm complaining: I build the form dynamically through XML, but the UI in the main form uses an icon to determine which form to use. How do I

Creating an XML editor with Java Swing

xml| Create I'm sure you have some knowledge of XML, and you might be tempted to write an XML text now, but there are so few cross-platform, free XML editors you can find now. So in this article, I would like to introduce or take you step-by-step to

Using multithreading to load multiple XML files into the TreeView control

treeview|xml| Multithreading | load | Control In many cases programmers need to use multithreading to develop applications, users can operate data or other work in the foreground, in the background program is loading a large number of files, and

Meta tags a more detailed explanation

Introduction Your personal site even if you do a wonderful, in the "vast sea" of cyberspace, also such as skiff not easy for people to find, how to promote personal website, people first thought of the method is not outside the following

40 common small Code for Web pages

Web page 1. oncontextmenu= "Window.event.returnvalue=false" will completely screen the right mouse buttonno available for table 2. deselect, prevent copying 3. onpaste= "return false" is not allowed to paste 4. oncopy= ' return false; ' oncut= '

How to close the banner in the Web page

Advertising | Web page Add the Closed button in the Flash banner as long as you add the Quit Exit command to the button. On (release) {Fscommand ("Quit");} Flash Player can now be turned off by clicking Exit in Flash Player, but it cannot be exited

Learn how to make Web pages: the creation of a borderless window

Tips | Web page First you have to do an index page, which is the page you want to open first, such as index.htm This page does not need any content, his role is to create a frame-free page and then slide it into the page, and then close their own

Web page: Meta tag detailed

Web Page | detailed   IntroductionYour personal site even if you do a wonderful, in the "vast sea" of cyberspace, also such as skiff not easy for people to find, how to promote personal website, people first thought of the method is not outside the

The programming processing method of the ASP database hanged horse

Database is hanging horse I believe a lot of people have met. Here, I'll talk about the way I deal with it. First step: Make a backup of the existing database. The second step: the implementation of the following ASP file, so you can remove the

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