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MY.CNF file: my.cnf parameter configuration

PS: This profile is for Dell R710, dual Xeon E5620, 16G memory hardware configuration. CentOS 5.6 64-bit system, MySQL 5.5.x stable version. Applies to the day IP 50-100W,PV 100-300w site, mainly uses the InnoDB storage engine. For other application

Add new user with GRANT statement in MySQL database

There are 2 different ways to add users: by using the grant statement or by directly manipulating the MySQL authorization table. The better approach is to use the GRANT statement because they are more concise and seem to have fewer errors. The

CentOS System compilation installation nginx+php environment plus a separate MySQL tutorial

Front End (nginx+php) ip: Back end (independent MySQL) ip: Software version: libiconv-1.14.tar.gz mysql-5.1.63.tar.gz php-5.2.17.tar.gz php-5.2.17-fpm-0.5.14.diff.gz Php-5.2.17-max-input-vars.patch 1. Install MySQL on the

MySQL Common interview problem summary (ii)

031 Create a unique index on a table that already exists 1. CREATE UNIQUE INDEX index_name on table_name ( Field_name [(Index_length)] [asc| DESC]) 2. ALTER TABLE table_name ADD UNIQUE index| KEY Index_name (Field_name [(Index_length)] [asc|

MySQL expression evaluation and MySQL type conversion

2.4 Expression evaluation and type conversionMySQL allows you to write expressions that include constants, function calls, and table-column references. These values can be grouped using different types of operators, such as arithmetic or comparison

Introduction to adding new user rights to MySQL database

There are 2 different ways to add users: by using the grant statement or by directly manipulating the MySQL authorization table. The better approach is to use the GRANT statement because they are more concise and seem to have fewer errors. The

Introduction to the general management of MySQL database system

mysql| Data | database MySQL is fairly simple to use when running a database system, and there is little work required to install and use MySQL. However, no matter what level of expertise you are, MySQL's installer does not run automatically.

MySQL configuration file Basic parameters detailed

# The following options will be read by the MySQL client application. # Note Only the client application included with MySQL guarantees that this content can be read. # If you want your own MySQL application to get these values # You need to

PHP Installation Issues

Problem installation This section describes the most common problems in the installation process. PHP applies to almost any OS (except perhaps MacOS before OS X), and almost any Web server. To install PHP, follow the instructions in the release

Collation rules in MySQL UTF8

What is the difference between utf8_general_ci and utf8_unicode_ci in  mysql? In the programming language, usually Unicode to the Chinese character to do processing, to prevent garbled, then in MySQL, why do we all use utf8_general_ci instead of utf8

Small talk about MySQL character set

Mysql First of all, this article is purely my personal experience, applicable to my common environment and projects.Personally, the database character set uses UTF8 (the HTML page corresponds to UTF-8) so that your data can be migrated smoothly

Quick installation of apache+mysql+php

Although a lot of online, or here to record their own installation process, and some experience, do not have to install and then everywhere to find. First say MySQL, because he can say completely independent and Apache, PHP installation is not

MySQL optimization (vi)

26. How to know the MySQL to solve a query Run the Item column command and try to figure out its output: Show VARIABLES; Show COLUMNS from ... G EXPLAIN SELECT ... G FLUSH STATUS; SELECT ...; Show STATUS; 27, MySQL is very good Log When

MySQL 5.0-Triggers (reference)

Conventions and styles conventions and programming styles Every time I want to demonstrate the actual code, I adjust the code that appears on the MySQL client's screen, changing the font to courier so that they look different from normal text

MySQL Chinese reference manual

This chapter provides an introductory tutorial on MySQL by demonstrating how to create and use a simple database using the MySQL client program. MySQL (sometimes called "terminal monitor" or just "watch") is an interactive program that allows you to

Connect to MySQL instance manager and create user accounts

Use the MySQL client-server protocol to handle communication with the MySQL instance manager. You cannot use the standard MySQL client program and the MySQL C API to connect to IM. IM supports the MySQL client-server protocol version used for

InnoDB Chinese Reference Manual---4 establish InnoDB table

Reference | Reference Manual | Chinese 4 establish InnoDB table Suppose you have run the MySQL client program as a MySQL test command. In order to create a table in InnoDB format you must specify TYPE = InnoDB in the SQL command: CREATE TABLE

How to use MySQL in VC and Delphi

We often encounter this problem, how to use the MySQL database in a non-web program or ASP program? There are two solutions to this problem: 1. Use the Library of API functions provided by MySQL. This is how many well-known MySQL client tools are

MySQL security issues (anonymous users) a little experience

mysql| Safety | issues | Experience two days ago while helping a friend organize his home page space, a little bit about MySQL that might be overlooked by everyone: we know that after MySQL is installed, it automatically creates a root user and an

Learn PHP: Detailed mysql4.0 later coding configuration

Briefly talk about the problems after mysql4.1The first: The mysql4.1 storage mode is already UTF8. Which means his file code is UTF8 format, we don't have to worry about the characters that can't be stored.Second: The MySQL server needs to be a

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