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PHP generates MySQL data dictionary

Sometimes we get a database of others, but there is no data dictionary, this PHP applet to help you easily solve. The code is found on the Internet, of course, this code is just generated data dictionary, view, stored procedures and so on is the

How to save and output files using Php+mysql

Local files uploaded to the server, the server's script to save the file, generally there are two ways, one is saved as a file to the machine in a specific directory, but there are many such as the file name of the various inconvenience caused, and

Simple example of a PHP single piece pattern

Single-piece mode is the singleton pattern (which is the creation design pattern), the most suitable example is the log record. Other patterns of PHP code later written in the share to everyone, I hope you can add points to the concept of design

Redhat Install Apache + gd1.8.3 + php4 + tomcat + sybase + Oracle + MySQL Golden Raiders

Apache|mysql|oracle| Raiders to see many online users of PHP, JSP, Sybase, Oracle, Apache and other aspects of the installation experience, found that many are repetitive and not comprehensive, According to my long-term summary of all kinds of

Supports three mysql+sqlite+pdo PHP database classes at the same time

PHP Learning Tutorial Article Introduction: also supports three mysql+sqlite+pdo PHP database class use method://mysql Connect $db = new SQL (mysql:host=localhost;database=21andy_ blog;, 21andy.com_user, 21andy.com_password); PDO SQLite3 Connect $db

PHP startup:unable to load Dynamic library

Connection code Echo ' a ';$CN = mysql_connect ("localhost", ' your MySQL username ', ' your MySQL user password ') or Die (Mysql_error ());if ($CN){Echo Phpinfo ();}Else{echo ' MySQL connect fail ';}?> Because the server is using a security

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