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How to choose the installation package when installing MySQL

When you install MySQL in Windows, there are 3 MySQL 5.1 installation packages to choose from: · Basic installation: The installation package has a file name similar to Mysql-essential-5.1.2-alpha-win32.msi and contains the minimum files required

MySQL Postgressql and other database large evaluation

mysql| Data | database sequence With the development of Internet and the activity of free software software, more and more people begin to apply various databases to their own network applications. Thus, a variety of database systems appear on the

Master and slave have equal MySQL server IDs

Fatal error:the slave I/O thread stops because master and slave have equal MySQL server IDs The mosquitoes took a main three this afternoon. From MySQL replication, the result is that all servers are configured to find errors from the following

Become a Master of PHP to learn to lazy PHP programming

PHP is an efficient network programming language, because it has the advantages of flexible writing, fast running and so on, quickly become the preferred language of web programmers. A recent authoritative survey showed that 31.6% of websites now

Eight reasons not to use MySQL

When I was in charge of managing a technical consulting firm, I heard some reasons not to use MySQL. While many of the reasons are misleading, there are some very good reasons not to use MySQL. Of course, the actual situation will vary depending on

My way of the garbled Chinese garbled solution and summary of--jsp and MySQL interaction

js|mysql| Interactive | solve | chinese | Chinese garbled First implemented a Stringconvert bean (Gbtoiso () and ISOTOGB () two methods), to solve the MySQL database when interacting with some of the Chinese garbled problem: in the JSP program read

Data conversion for MySQL and MSSQL using MySQL ODBC

mysql|odbc| Data | conversion Convert MySQL database to MSSQL database, or convert MSSQL database to MySQL database, which is often used in NT environment. Using MySQL ODBC is better, you can use the MSSQL7 management tools, you can use the

The latest way to build PHP environment

Many friends of PHP environment is very difficult, after many attempts are not properly configured In fact, it is not difficult to configure the PHP environment, master the essentials will be very easy For novice users and friends who want to

Use Ajax and RSS to save a home page news

Ajax|rss In order to divert the boredom of this time also to do an RSS application exercise, decided to maintain a small website to add a homepage news, browser with Ajax or Ajah from the server to get news from the asynchronous display, while

A detailed tutorial on building a PHP development environment based on Docker

This article mainly introduces the construction based on the Docker PHP development Environment Detailed tutorial, Docker is the current virtual machine technology best choice, needs the friend may refer to under Now many developers use vagrant to

Senior network administrator to teach you step-by-step installation of the database

absrtact : said that the database small and medium-sized enterprise mostly uses SQL Server and Mysql,sql server is developed by the Microsoft Company, he and iis,asp combine to run the effect very good. But SQL Server needs to pay, and MySQL is

Some things to note about operating MySQL in PHP

mysql| problem For MySQL, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that each line of its command is separated by a semicolon (;) As the end, but ... There's nothing completely absolute, and here's the same thing. When a row of MySQL is inserted

MySQL memory thread exclusive use of the tips

Here we will describe the MySQL memory usage on the thread exclusive, thread exclusive memory is mainly used for each client connection thread to store the exclusive data of various operations, such as thread stack information, packet sorting

A little-known technique in MySQL database

MySQL is easy to learn and easy to use, with a wealth of technical documentation, these two factors make it widely used. However, with the rapid development of MySQL, even a MySQL veteran will sometimes marvel at the unexpected features of the

Crack local MySQL username and password

mysql| cracked Windows: 1. Login system with system administrator. 2. Stop the MySQL service. 3. Enter the command window, and then enter the MySQL installation directory, such as my installation directory is c:\mysql, into the C:\mysql\bin 4. Skip

MySQL root user root password after forgetting the processing method

Steps under the Windows platform 1. Log on to the Windows system as an administrator 2. Use Windows Service Management tool or task Manager to stop MySQL service 3. Create a single line of text files, save as C:mysqlpwdhf.txt, Content is set

How to improve the efficiency of web programs

web| Program Many netizens do not like to use ASP to program, they always complained that the ASP program is too slow, inefficient. Prefer to use php,jsp and so on to write programs. In fact, can not from the "think" this point of view, but should

A little experience of MySQL management

MySQL database is the first choice for the backend database of small and medium sized web sites, because it is free for non-commercial applications. Web developers can build a "linux+apache+php+mysql" platform, which is one of the most

Location of MySQL Data directory

mysql| Data | Data Catalog Conceptually, most relational database systems are similar: they all consist of a set of databases, each containing a set of tables. However, all systems have their own methods of managing data, and MySQL is no

A solution to the problem of character set matching in MySQL Chinese query

My question when I write a query condition is as follows: If I want to write all the records in a field that contain the word "Li" ? $str = "Lee"; SELECT * FROM table where field like '% $STR% '; In addition to the records that contain the word "

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