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MySQL Query optimization related skills

Use the explain statement to check optimizer action +----+-------------+----------+-------+---------------+------+---------+------+------+------- ---------- | ID | Select_type | Table | Type | Possible_keys | Key | key_len| Ref | Rows | Extra +----+-

Illustration of installation and operation of MySQL database

mysql| Data | database MySQL Download and installation    1, download the introductionMySQL believe that you must have heard, if you do not know what it is, you can go to Google.MySQL's base camp: Download

MySQL 10 special Tips

MySQL is easy to learn and easy to use, with a wealth of technical documentation, these two factors make it widely used. However, as MySQL grows faster, even a MySQL veteran will sometimes sigh at the unexpected features of the software. This

About the ability of PHP programmers to solve problems

The topic of old growth talk, in the interview will be the ability to assess, I personally think that the problem-solving ability is ranked first, higher than the learning ability priority. The ability to solve problems can not only see the

For PHP application speed, speed up, and then speed! Part 3rd

For PHP application speed, speed up, and then speed! Part 3rd: Using the Memcache daemon to cache data in memory The first two articles in this series provide the technology to speed up the PHP application. The 1th section describes the XCache,

The difference between MySQL and access

To adapt to the ever-changing technology, a considerable number of software engineers are gradually moving from desktop software such as Microsoft Access and SQL Server to using MySQL. While MySQL is strictly not an opponent of SQL Server, many

Simple, practical and convenient Ajax comments complete code

Simple Ajax comments Complete code database structure Create TABLE ' comments ' (' id ' int () unsigned not NULL auto_increment, ' name ' varchar (128) COLLATE U Tf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL default ', ' url ' varchar (255) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT

Elaborate on remote security how to use the MySQL GUI tool

MySQL as a database, is simply a synonym for ease of use, the vast majority of database-driven Web applications choose it as their own database. For this reason, MySQL is used on many Web servers. While it's true that MySQL's command-line tools are

Use PHP 5 o'clock MySQL return garbled solution

In the use of PHP 5, the value obtained through the MySQL query all become '??????? ', the original character set is wrong. I installed MySQL 5 o'clock, has chosen the default character set for gb2312, but still return garbled, the solution is to

MySQL Common interview problem summary (iii)

061 How do I delete a table? Answer: Run command drop TABLE table_name; 062 Creating an Index Indexing is especially important for queries as a major application. Most of the time the performance problem is simply because we forgot to add the

MySQL query all data SQL statements for the day

MySQL query all the information of the day: The code is as follows SELECT * FROM Test where year (regdate) =year (now ()) and month (RegDate) =month (today ()) and Day (regdate) =day (now) This is a bit cumbersome, but also a simple wording: The

MySQL column type selection and MySQL query efficiency

4.3 column type selection and query efficiencyTo select columns that help make your query faster, you should follow the following rules (here, "BLOB type" should be understood to include B L O B also contains the text type):Using a fixed-length

The solution of can ' t create/write to file error in MySQL

After testing the installed Supesite today, a MySQL query error is sometimes generated after modifying the user space template: SupeSite info: MySQL Query Error Script: /index.php Error: Can't create/write to file 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\#sql_4f4_0.MYD' (

PHP Security Configuration Detailed

PHP is no doubt a very powerful server-side scripting language, but powerful features are always associated with significant risks, and in this chapter you will learn to use PHP's Safe mode to block some of the potential risk factors for PHP. "Safe

PHP-FPM start parameter and important configuration detailed

To agree on several directories /usr/local/php/sbin/php-fpm /usr/local/php/etc/php-fpm.conf /usr/local/php/etc/php.ini First, the PHP-FPM start parameter #测试php-FPM Configuration /usr/local/php/sbin/php-fpm-t /usr/local/php/sbin/php-fpm-c/usr/

MySQL database leads to high CPU problem resolution

Server environment Liunx AS4 + PHP5 + Mysql5 + Apache 2 The utility top command queries system performance to find that the CPU often reaches 100% Started thinking it was a DDoS attack ... Firewall installed (not working) Start looking for a

Simple example of Php+mysql query optimization

This article mainly introduces the simple example of Php+mysql query optimization, analyzes the technique of optimizing query of SQL statement in Php+mysql program design, and has some reference value for improving query efficiency, which can be

14 problems that most make PHP beginners headache

PHP Beginners Headaches Most of the 14 problems between the "1" side can not pass the variable get,post,session in the latest PHP version of the automatic global variable is turned off, so to get the submission from the previous variable to use

MySQL 5.0 database new features stored procedures

When you submit a query, MySQL analyzes it to see if you can do some optimizations to make it faster to process the query. This section describes how the query optimizer works. If you want to know the optimization method used by MySQL, you can view

Integration of database technology in AJAX development

ajax| Data | database first, the introduction Today, there are quite a few web applications, such as Backpack,blinksale and Gmail, that integrate database technology with Ajax. This integration has a huge impact on Web

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