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Analysis of MySQL basic scheduling strategy

MySQL allows the scheduling characteristics of the statement to be affected, which enables queries from several clients to collaborate better so that a single client is not locked out for too long. Changing the scheduling feature also ensures that

Delve into MySQL's varchar and limit (easily overlooked knowledge)

Why does the title have this name? Commen sence refers to things that everyone should know about, but often people will skip these things, or have a smattering of these things, today I summarize some of the commen sense types of problems I have

How to choose the MySQL version to install

First, make a decision whether you want to use the latest development version or the final stable version. In the MySQL development process, there are several release series at the same time, each release at different stages of maturity: · MySQL 5.2

PHP Gets the Php,mysql,apche version information sample code

Here to introduce a good example of the direct access to PHP, MYSQL, Apache version information, the need for friends can refer to theDirect access to PHP's version code is as follows: directly obtain the MySQL version code as follows: directly

MySQL Database learning notes (i)

mysql| Notes | data | database I've been working on Informix and Oracle database development, and one day I found a small, chic database on the web that was widely used, and I downloaded its database software from MySQL's website

Install configuration Bugzilla Notes

Because of the installation of their own time to take some detours, so on the one hand to remind themselves, on the other hand, you can have the need for a friend to make a reference Bugzilla is an open-source software that can post bugs and track

MySQL Security Guide (2)

mysql| Security | Security MySQL Security Guide (3) Author: Yan Zi 2.4 Without grant set the user If you have a MySQL version earlier than 3.22.11, you cannot use the grant (or revoke) statement to set up users and their access rights, but you

MySQL database backup and recovery detailed

This article discusses MySQL's backup and recovery mechanism, and how to maintain data tables, including the two most important types of tables: MyISAM and Innodb, and the MySQL version in this article is 5.0.22. The free backup tools currently

MySQL Experience in optimization

1. Start from database structure 1. The definition of a field type follows the following rules: 1. Select the minimum field length of 2. Priority use of fixed-length type 3. As far as possible, define "not NULL" 4. Avoid the use of "Zerofill" 5 in

MySQL error code meaning list explain a table pass

MySQL has gone wrong, often by guessing. With this watch, it comes out. It's a lot of convenience. Special Share 1005: Failed to create table 1006: Failed to create database 1007: Database already exists, failed to create database 1008: Database

Re-install MySQL the perfect solution to the last step failure

I believe that we use MySQL have overweight experience, if the reload MySQL is basically in the last step through but, unless the operating system, the reason is that the system's registry is not deleted clean. Here are some of the lessons I've

Build MySQL mirror database under Linux

MySQL Version: 4.1 Environment Introduction: Main Library from library 1, the main library to create/ETC/MY.CNF, modify [mysqld] inside the key value increase Server-id=1 Log-bin=binlog_name 2, the main library to

MySQL master-slave replication, SSL-based master-slave replication, primary master replication and semi-synchronous replication

MySQL replication is primarily replicated from the primary master. What is master-slave replication Master-slave replication means that there is a single device to do as the primary server, one or more servers as from the server. No data is

MySQL Chinese reference manual 3 (MySQL mailing list and how to ask questions or report errors)

mysql| Reference | Reference Manual | error | Mailing LIST | chinese MySQL Chinese reference manual 3 (MySQL mailing list and how to ask questions or report errors) Reprinted translator: Yan Zi return 〗〖 Forwarding Translator: Yan Zi

Centos 5.8 Install MySQL 5.5.25 source pack with Shell script one key

Recently in the study of MySQL cluster, at least to install 2 or more MySQL database installation, operation is cumbersome and time-consuming, today, according to the installation steps to write a shell script, just execute the following script can

Add new user rights to MySQL

mysql| user rights You can have 2 different ways to add users: by using the grant statement or by directly manipulating the MySQL authorization table. The better approach is to use the GRANT statement because they are more concise and seem to have

Use Phpdig to build your own Google

Google Do you know Google? Do you know Baidu? As a netizen, you must have used these tools, do you want to have your own super search engine? Do you want to go beyond these internet search giants? Where is the starting point of your dream? Then do

How to configure MySQL master-slave replication

MySQL supports one-way, asynchronous replication, in which one server acts as the primary server and one or more other servers act as the server. The master server writes the update to the binary log file and maintains an index of the log file to

Character set problems encountered in MYSQL5 and their solutions

Open the Slave log today and find a bunch of bugs all of this: [ERROR] Slave:error ' Character set ' #28 ' is not a compiled Character set and isn't specified in '/usr/local/mysql/share/mysq L/charsets/index.xml ' file ' on query. I wrote the

How does the Aliyun server work?

Aliyun use, the first purchase; the second step is to configure the environment Ah, that is an empty host, the need to format the installation software, the third step on the domain name registration to resolve the domain name server IP over the

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