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Definitely repeat customers, selling fruit to me inspired by the old man.

Today went to the computer city to stroll a lap, nothing to find and harvest. Only see a JS video card fan said to be a notebook fan, no language. On the way home, after a fruit stall, the old man who sold the fruit smiled and greeted him. I paused

Photoshop to draw crystal pears

Final effect Diagram1, the new file, size, resolution from the set. Named for Pears. The process of making is always difficult and hard, so we first draw one of them, firm confidence. Hook out the shape of one of the pears with the pen tool, and

That's how I use the data: Fish and paws.

Just began to participate in programming, heard of such a joke: A programmer critically ill, a long coma, all kinds of drug treatment, are ineffective. Family in every sense of anxiety, a colleague came to see him, but gently said: "Ni-ma, the

SEO optimization of the site image optimization skills to share

For many sites, there is no deliberate to optimize its picture, if you know that many sites, its picture flow point to the total flow of 10%, I think most people will still notice the optimization of the effect of the picture, in fact, it is a fact

The value orientation of constructing the inner chain of caring type

Hello everyone, today with you to discuss the problem is the value of the chain, why is the value of the chain is not said to be the role of the chain that? Because even if is a first into the SEO industry people also know that hair outside the

Photoshop makes Crystal pears

Cheng introduced the production method of crystal pear. Before making a good approximate light source part, and then slowly depict the highlights and darkened parts. If the brush tool is not very skilled, you can use a pen to make a selection and

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