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Advantages and disadvantages of Windows Web site architecture Server

Using the Windows platform to build a Web server is largely determined by the technical background of the webmaster, the early technicians may be more familiar with Windows, or the person in charge thinks that Windows usability, the "Chanping"

Drupal reads Excel and Imports database instances

  This article mainly introduces Drupal using Phpexcel to read Excel and import the database example, the need for friends can refer to the following Phpexcel is a PHP class library that is used to manipulate office Excel documents, based on

Web Script Development language comparison

We all must compare the ease and simplicity of programming. While we are all sure that PHP and Perl are the easiest languages to learn and program, I still want to know which one will be the fastest if you write a different program in PHP, ASP, JSP,

Two ways to implement multithreading in PHP

Php+shell Method of implementing multithreading First write a simple PHP code, here in order to allow the script to perform longer, easy to see the effect of sleep, hehe! First look at the test.php code: LS PHP Code: For ($i =0 $i echo $i;Sleep (1

WordPress database redundancy? Quick Use optimization plugin WP clean up

WordPress is a PHP language and MySQL database development of the Open source blog system, it has a very powerful extension capabilities. But with the increase in content, the use of WordPress, a drawback is increasingly reflected: the redundancy of

Unified URL Standardization: A comprehensive analysis of virtual host 301 redirect

301 redirects can transfer multiple domain weights to specific domain names to enhance the unique allocation of domain name weights. On the other hand, after the domain name is replaced, use 301 redirect to the old domain name weight, redirect to

5 ways to improve the way PHP is developed

Each of us has our own skills and methods on how to use the PHP language to develop an application. In fact, as we all know, there are many ways and means to make development easier. Nevertheless, there are some methods, especially coding styles and

The realization method and skill of PHP page jump

PHP is used by many programmers to develop the web's preferred language. In the actual development, the site's various functions can be written through the PHP language to meet, such as PHP page jump this method. In a web system, jumping from one

Introduction to Ajax Technology (2)

Ajax XMLHttpRequest The XMLHttpRequest object is implemented on most browsers and has a simple interface that allows data to be delivered from the client to the server, but does not interrupt the user's current operation. Data transmitted using

On the development of PHP language in Web programming

Since the July 13, 2004 official release of the PHP5, the number of people learning PHP has increased. But the popularity of PHP is still in the initial stage, most computer enthusiasts also know little about PHP, it is necessary to increase

php vs. asp: Is this still worth discussing?

What is PHP PHP represents a "hypertext processor," which means you have to know that it is a server-side processing language and appears in HTML form. Its most commonly used place is the webpage, the data sends from the client to the Web server,

A lot of people like PHP: On the WEB 2.0 times PHP status

With the advent of the so-called WEB2.0 era, programmers have never been the same as today's attention, many programmers on the language of the controversy has never been as fierce as today, JAVA, C + +, PHP, ASP, and so on, recently came out a ruby,

About PHP Language Builder introduction

PHP has several special keywords, such as echo, print, die, require, and so on, although they work like functions, they are actually more like if, while such as control statements, rather than a function. In other words, when the interpreter

PHP Novice on the road (c)

The online tutorials on the PHP site have been great. This section of this article will give you a bit of familiarity with PHP. I can not do without any omission, my purpose is to let you quickly start your PHP programming. 3.1 First-order

Developing IBM Cloudscape and DB2 common database applications in PHP

Using a unified ODBC extension with Apache 2 PHP Introduction: Learn how to configure the ibm®cloudscape™10.0 and IBM db2®universal database™ (DB2 UDB) Version 8.2 Server for access from PHP 4.x and PHP 5.x. Write database applications using a

Inventory 2010 Open Source CMS system

Raise open source CMS, everyone thought of the first is the PHP CMS, because the earliest PHP open source, but also the most users and webmaster recognition, with the functions of the major CMS system and the emergence of a wide range of open source

C Language Structure function: The difference between PHP's language structure and function

I believe you often see comparison of some PHP applications, said with Isset () to replace strlen (), isset faster than strlen execution speed. Example: if (Isset ($user)) { Do some thing } The reason is that isset is a language structure, and

SEO details for the king optimization need to pay attention to eight details

The purpose of SEO is to make the site all aspects of the setting more in line with the search engine for quality site definition, more adaptable to search engine algorithm rules and crawl habits, so the process of optimizing the site can be said to

Aliyun PHP Environment

Overall Introduction: The Aliyun Cloud Engine (ACE) provides a running environment based on PHP 5.3.5 (Runtime Environment) that supports standard relational databases, Memcache, Cron, session, storage, At the same time, add some advanced features

Analysis of the official Automation test method of PHP (I.)

Introduction: This article will be from a tester's perspective on the official PHP automated testing methods, automated test framework structure, as well as specific implementation of the analysis and research. Give the reader a practical example of

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