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11 PHP Frames recommended to developers (1)

The PHP framework is a useful tool for Web developers, helping users to complete projects faster and easier. According to the survey, PHP is still one of the most popular and practical platforms in web development. When it comes to web development,

The best PHP Introductory tutorial recommended: 100 PHP Tutorial Highlights recommended

My PHP Blog Open Bo also nearly two years, with the support of the vast number of PHP enthusiasts, I have written nearly 100 of the original practice of the PHP tutorial, each PHP tutorial is permeated with my painstaking efforts, as the next 100

Jpgraph Chinese manual jpgraph Color Control Instruction Tutorial

Continue to translate the Jpgraph help document in the form of a Chinese PHP tutorial, today is about how to control the color of the chart when using Jpgraph, mainly involving the description of several colors in the Jpgraph class library; color

Phpmyadmin3 Installation Configuration Diagram tutorial

In PHP Web development, the most basic PHP environment to build involved in PHP, Apache/iis, Mysql, for database management, in addition to the MYSQL database itself provides command-line tools to facilitate the management of the database outside

PHP JSON Chinese garbled solution encyclopedia

We know that in the use of AJAX technology and PHP background interaction, the Chinese garbled is often the case, JSON as a similar to XML data Interchange Format, in PHP for interaction will also appear in Chinese garbled situation, to solve the

How to use a mobile phone to shut down a computer in PHP

How to use a mobile phone to turn off the computer (computer) in PHP This article describes the PHP implementation of the use of mobile phones to shut down the computer (computer) method. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis

Zend Studio-8.0.0 Chinese Language course

have been using Zend Studio7 debugging PHP, the recent intention to start using the Zend Studio8, yesterday installed Zend Studio 8 after the plan to use the Chinese version of Zend Studio, online find the next online Zend Studio 8 Chinese pack on

PHP Picture scaling function: Achieve equal scale without distortion scaling

In the PHP Web development process, if you set up a site involving a large number of image processing, must involve picture upload, zoom, and how to keep the picture is not distorted, is a lot of beginners PHP Web developers more headaches, today,

Php. INI configuration: File Upload function Configuration tutorial

Yesterday, I shared a PHP tutorial on how to configure the session function in php.ini in PHP website development, today continue to share some key php.ini configuration when using PHP to upload the file. Speaking of the file upload in the php.ini

The combination of PHP web development and Ajax

Ajax is undoubtedly one of the hottest web development technologies to fry in the 2005, and of course, this credit cannot be separated from Google. I am just an ordinary developer, the use of Ajax is not very much, I simply put the experience I used

PHP Parse XML Instance tutorial using XPath

XML files are widely used in lightweight applications developed in PHP, and PHP parses and reads XML files in a variety of ways, such as JS DOM, SIMPLEXML, XPath, and so on, parsing XML files in PHP, and today is about using XPath to parse an

PHP jpgraph Chinese use manual jpgraph font installation and configuration method

After the introduction of the PHP jpgraph installation tutorial, you can use the Jpgraph class library in the context of installing PHP. But in order to allow the Jpgraph class library to better support a variety of characters, such as Chinese

Introduction to the static generation method of PHP website page

In the development of PHP Web site for the promotion and SEO needs, need to site for the whole station or local static processing, PHP generated static HTML page has a variety of methods, such as the use of PHP templates, caching, such as the

PHP Excelreader2 Export class Read function detailed

After learning the PHP jpgraph installation and use tutorial, I would like to introduce the PHP export Excel class PHP excelreader2.21,php excelreader2.21 is a special used to export (read) Excel file content of the PHP export Excel class , learning

The ultimate solution for Zend Studio7 Chinese garbled characters

I introduced the PHP development tool Zend Studio7 Tutorial, in the use of the process when we create a new (import) of the project itself is UTF8 when the code, such as WordPress, we found when the use of Zend Studio Open PHP project file when

Zend Studio 8 SQL Database Explorer using an instance tutorial

Continue Zend Studio Tutorials after a series of tutorials on getting started with Zend Studio7, Zend Studio8 Chinese, Zend Studio debugging, and more. This time, I'll explain how to use Zend Studio8 SQL database resource Manager. As a powerful PHP

Enhance PHP Programming with PHP for Microsoft AJAX Library

First, the introduction As we all know, the Ajax framework consists of three sub frames: 2.0 ajax extensions, AJAX Control Toolkit and futures CTP. The first two rely heavily on the 2.0 server-side technology.

To configure the EditPlus debugging PHP Program Starter Tutorial

Before I introduced the PHP development tool Zend Studio7 Tutorial, Zend Studio use is actually very memory-intensive, for PHP beginners, today and you share how to configure EditPlus to debug PHP programs, EditPlus configured to do PHP Web site

The method of using simple tags plugin to realize output related log in WordPress inove theme

Consider all aspects of the situation, I did not use some other WordPress related log (relatedposts) Plug-ins, but the full application of simple tags plug-ins Powerful related logs, related tag functions, combined with Inove theme, the use of

PHP file read and write operation of file writing tutorial

In the development of PHP website, there are usually two ways to store data, a text file storage, such as TXT file, a database storage, such as MySQL, compared to database storage, file storage does not have any advantages, but the file read and

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