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Remove RAR Right key extract menu of VBS code


Two days ago wrote a batch processing, efficiency is not high, Baidu, Google found a better way Principle: http://demon.tw/programming/vbs-binary-file-another.html Copy Code code as follows: Public readbinary Readbinarydat (". 1.exe")

Methods for IE to support CSS 3 fillet properties

If you want to achieve the effect of rounded corners in IE browser, we usually adopt the way of fillet picture. With pictures, the basic is not much of a relationship with the browser, because any browser support this way. Recommended topics: Web

C # Custom Control Development Instance (2)

Control | Control development source file: Http://ded.nuaa.edu.cn/download/Windows%20Extended%20Controls.rar Sample code: Http://ded.nuaa.edu.cn/download/WindowsApplication6.rar Let's talk about how the control works, first by writing his

Plan B Data Recovery software recovery format compressed files tutorial

1, zip rar compression format before and after the file system is one of the Ntfs/exfat/fat32, and the format of the zip rar compressed file size and location has not changed. 2, if the zip rar compressed file before the file system is one of the

Extracting RAR files automatically through ASP


In fact, want to achieve this function is very simple, first of all to upload a RAR decompression program, is RAR own decompression program, only need its coreProgram RAR.EXE this file is OK. Then you will upload a program that executes RAR.EXE CMD.

Using PHP to implement remote network files to download to the server

This article mainly describes how to use the PHP program to download the remote network files to their own host (server, virtual Host), of course, also provides the ASP, asp.net source for reference. Recently let Lc. Download "A boat in the ocean"

Win 8 Ie10/ie11 Prompt "You have not installed Flash Player, please click here to install"


In Win 8 and the latest release of the win 8.1 system, IE10 and IE11 browsers have the default built-in flash Plug-ins, user-friendly modern version of IE can view the contents of the Flash. However, there are a lot of user feedback, in the use of

WinRAR method for solving CRC errors

WinRAR can be said to be now the most scenic compression software, the limelight gradually overshadowed the old winzip! Ultra high compression ratio, simple and easy-to-use interface, powerful function ... However, I do not know if you have

JS Development Dictionary Probes user name or password tool

Js Developing dictionaries using JavaScript to probe user names or password tools Article Author: Zhangkai (Xiao Qi)Author website:http://www.xiaoqi.netAuthor Forum:http://www.tdqy.comqq:22336848 53353866 Example DemoPackage download It is better to

What should I do to forget all kinds of computer passwords?

one, forgotten the system password If you forget the CMOS settings in the system password, you will not be able to start the machine, the solution can only be: Open the chassis, the battery down, positive and negative short connection, to the CMOS

Free upload voting system with multiple user files without database (1)

This is my recently developed a set of upload voting integration System, a total of 4 PHP and a number of record files, this is the first view.php, mainly responsible for the display of file lists and uploaded file forms and file names of the test.

How to use Foxmail in U disk

How to use Foxmail in U disk Each login page, you have to enter the user name, password, very troublesome, so that the Web page automatically save passwords, but also afraid of others to use this computer login. If in order to receive the letter,

ASP in the FSO recursively generate file list (XML)

This XML document was originally generated to develop an FTP search, and later because there was no data reference to how to search for XML documents, and give up. The most important of these is the recursive algorithm. The file list is generated

PHP parses XML with Java

XML Author: umbrella First of all, if you are not interested in Java or if your host does not support Java or you are not planning to learn, please do not waste time here. Please install the Java Execution Environment and PHP in conjunction with

rar Password how to crack


rar Password Cracking method: Step one: Small building RAR tool This tool is specialized crack rar password, very fast, to do a test, encrypted compressed a file. Step Two: Open the tool and select the file you just encrypted.

I'll teach you to play. IIS anti-theft chain myiis-vif Super anti-theft chain

Why should the chain of anti-theft? You know, respect for intellectual property, webmaster toil, boil more night out of the resources, on other sites ruthless collection walk ... Truly distressed. Incidentally to remind webmaster: only the basic

ASP in the server automatically extract RAR files


Server | Server actually want to achieve this function is very simple, first of all to upload a RAR decompression program, is RAR own decompression program, only need its core Program RAR.EXE this file is OK. Then you will upload a program that

Java implementation of file copy test

A simple set of tests found that Java NIO provides the file memory mapping method to achieve the fastest file copy, whether large files or small files, especially large files copy speed than the normal method to improve 20 times times, the only

How to repair the damaged RAR compressed files under Win7 system


1, first open the WinRAR software, in the main window open the damaged main window open the damaged compressed file in the directory, and then select the damaged compressed file; 2, click on the top of the interface "tool"-"Repair compressed file";

Teach you to use bat script to back up MySQL method

There are many ways to back up MySQL, but not all MySQL can run under Linux. Windows Backup is also unavoidable. The following small compilation teaches you to use Bat script to back up the MySQL method. Next, learn to use Bat script backup MySQL

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