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Yahoo, netease Ajax tag navigation effect implementation

ajax| Navigation | yahoo After many improvements, can be used directly on the general Web site, now release the source program download (encoding for Utf-8, to gb3212 method is: With Notepad open, save when the corresponding encoding), hope for

A function library for site user management (original author: Tim

function | User Management $hidden _hash_var= ' Your_password_here '; $LOGGED _in=false; Clear it out in case someone sets it in the URL or something unset ($LOGGED _in); /* CREATE TABLE User ( user_id int NOT NULL Auto_increment primary

Step-by-step writing of PHP's Framework (14)

Today I'll talk about how to get rid of these security issues in the framework. The first is SQL injection, and if you're using PDO, I think there's no problem, if you're using APIs like mysql_*, you can implement bindparameter in a framework or

JS code Example: implementation of random loading of different CSS styles

Random load CSS style JS effect is actually very good implementation, the code of this article is as follows, the specific idea is to use a default CSS style: Default.css. Another css:skin1.css,skin2.css,skin3.css with three other names. Of course

Cookies and their use (ii)

Part of the cookie tells about the technical background of the cookie, which explains how to set up, use, delete cookies, and some of the limitations of cookies in PHP. PHP support for cookies is transparent and easy to use. 1, set cookie PHP

JavaScript uses browser local storage capabilities

In the daily operation process, it is unavoidable to use JavaScript in the user's browser to store some data locally, to achieve some can not use the server to identify functions, such as the identification of the user's second visit. Commonly used

------->php code optimization and PHP related problems summary

Problem | Optimization 1, in a function, when passing an array Using return is more efficient than using global Like what function Userloginfo ($usertemp) { $detail =explode ("|", $usertemp); return $detail; } $login =userloginfo ($USERDB); Than

Community (Php&&mysql) Five

function Post2 () { Global $sid, $aid, $PHP _self; Global $banner, $body, $poster, $email, $type, $CHAR _GB; if (strlen ($banner) ==0 | | strlen ($body) ==0 | | strlen ($poster) ==0 | | strlen ($email) ==0) { echo " "; Return } $banner

Dynamic Web page Common technology: Follow variables with PHP (cookies and session)

In many cases, we need to track the activities of our viewers throughout the site, automatic or semi-automatic identification of their identities (that is, the usual web site landing functions), at this time, we often use a set of variables to

Cookies function with shopping cart

cookie| Shopping cart cookies function with shopping cart ZiF posted on 2000-01-11 16:13:00 Wandering on the internet, found a good dongdong, the idea is good! Can be used in small online stores. I listed below the source code, we make good use of!

PHP output Cache OB series functions detailed

 ob, output buffer, is the abbreviation for output buffering, not output cache. OB with the right, is able to have some help on speed, but blindly add the OB function, will only increase the extra burden of the CPU The basic principle of OB: If the

Web page calls different CSS style sheets each time it loads

In the previous article , I mentioned that we should create multiple styles for my microblog and then randomly load the style on each visit to keep Weibo fresh. Although the idea and implementation are relatively simple, but still want to record

Using object-oriented thinking to process cookies in JavaScript

cookie|javascript| objects 1. Create a Cookie Object Because it is used as a class name or namespace, it is similar to the Math object, where a cookie is used to represent the objectvar Cookie = new Object ();2, to implement the method of setting

JavaScript static page Value Pass Cookie

Use cookies. A cookie is a browser that stores a small number of named data. It is associated with a particular Web page or Web site. Cookies are used to provide memory to the browser, So that scripts and server programs can use the input data

PHP Setcookie (name, value, expires, path, domain, secure) parameters detailed

Setcookie () defines a cookie that is sent along with the rest of the HTTP headers. As with other headers, cookies must be sent before any other output of the script (this is the protocol limit). This requires that the call to this function be

PHP uses the P3P header to implement a cross domain cookie

In the development, we encountered the Cross-domain main or tangled in IE, the page of the IFRAME or frame or JS cross-domain, IE has security policy restrictions page without cookies, but if we add P3P, there is no limit to this strategy. This is

Problems with Setcookie statements

The error message appears: Warning:cannot Modify header Information-headers already sent by Solution: Open Php_ini, search for output_bufferfing, remove the preceding semicolon, modify off to on, or set a numeric value. It's OK. This type of

How to solve the problem of cannot modify header information in PHP

When you do a project, you need to prepare a unified error prompt function. Small series in function execution, first deal with the wrong address to write cookies to facilitate the user login can jump directly to the implementation of this page, but

A collection of PHP4 new functions

function one, output information control function These functions allow you to control the content of your script output. It can be used in many different situations, especially if your script has already output information and needs to send a

JS set cookies, read cookies, delete cookies

JavaScript is a script that runs on the client, so it is generally not possible to set a session because the session is run on the server side. Cookies are run on the client, so you can use JS to set cookies. Suppose there is a case in which, in a

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