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Controls the length of the output string to distinguish between Chinese and English (ASP)

Control | difference | string | string strvalue ("Please email notification if you do not fill out the registered email", 26) Here 26 refers to 26 English letters, which are 13 Chinese characters. function strlen (str) Dim P_len P_len=0 Strlen=0

The-explore.class.php device

Original Author: epsilon7Sonymusic ( Browserdetector {var $UA = ""; The contents of the $HTTP _user_agentvar $BROWSER = "Unknown"; Browser typevar $PLATFORM = "Unknown"; Operating systemvar $VERSION = ""; Browser version

ASP Special Word Fu Shi code

function Strreplace (str)If str = "" ThenStrreplace = strElseStrreplace = replace (str, "'", "" ")End IfEnd FunctionDetecting numeric functionsfunction Check_num (str)Dim iFor i = 1 to Len (str)If ASC (Mid (str, I, 1)) ThenCheck_num=falseExit

UVa 10405:longest Common subsequence, longest common child sequence template problem

Link Http:// problem&problem=1346 "Original question" Problem c:longest Common subsequence Sequence 1: Sequence 2: Given two sequences of characters, print

The best message of the challenge of the source code (II)

post.php file Require (' config.php '); ?> $nikename = $arr _request[' nikename ']; if (strlen ($nikename) ==0) { echo ""; echo " error message!"; echo "Sorry, said must fill in!!! Please refill! "; echo ""; echo "free message book by Bear

Detailed PHP strlen and MB

  in PHP, strlen and Mb_strlen are functions that ask for string lengths, but for some beginners, it may not be clear what the difference is if you don't read the manual. In PHP there are two functions that compute the number of strings one is

Create PDF Chinese document in PHP

Create | Chinese I am using fpdf (, download the Fpdf class library, and use the following Chinese class library to support Chinese, but only one Chinese font (Chinese imitation) can be used. I've been bothering for a long time, and now

Algorithm title: POJ 3080 Blue jeans (KMP matching, enumeration substring)

Link: The main effect of the topic: A DNA sequence of M (2 Analysis and Summary: Enumerate all the substrings in turn, and then see if they can match in all the sequences. Save the sequence with the largest length

PHP convert IP address to real address

Born under the red flag long in the spring breeze, long soak in the crab society inside so over time there are some of the way of thinking of the crab, just for a while to do one. NET Web site access statistics system, by the way, how to "monitor"

Overview of KMP pattern matching algorithm

We often encounter a situation that matches two strings to see if the Strpar contains str substrings, and if so, returns the substring's position in the parent string strpar, or False if it does not exist. It is clear that we can solve the problem

MySQL learning: varchar Maximum length limit rule

This is not a fixed number. This article briefly describes the restriction rules. Strlen calculates string length, one Chinese when 2 characters Mb_strlen according to its character encoding mode, the statistic character quot Count the number of

Article recommendation System (II.)

======appre. php========== $strlen =strlen ($articlemsg); if ($strlen echo ""; echo ""; echo "Are you watering?" In order to prevent some netizens in good faith irrigation, this site stipulates that you submitted the article "; echo ""; echo

C Language Socket multithreaded programming limit client connections

       This article mainly introduces C language socket multithreaded programming, you can limit the number of client connections, we refer to the use of the bar First, some of the function definitions to use for Multithreading: Code as

UVa 10562:undraw The trees (tree without limiting the number of sons)

Topic Link: Http:// problem&problem=1503 Type of topic: data structure, two fork tree Input and output: Sample Professor ' s trees 2 A | -------- B C D | |

The idea of chat room programming based on PHP

Programming | Chat Room 1 page landing basic elements You can see the landing form in my bamboo leaves, here provides the most basic landing form single (1) Landing form (a) The name of the chat form is chatform, I use Action=enter as the entrance

PHP5.3 language Features

Performance improvement The overall performance of PHP 5.3 has improved 5-15% MD5 () Fast 10-15%Better stack implementation in the engineConstants moved into Read-only memory.Exception Process Improvement (simplified, opcodes less)(require/include) _

e-card program with PHP and MySQL

mysql| Program The first step: Make a form like the following: (Note: This form has a PHP program added) Hello friends:--card background music-- 1001 Nights canyon ? if (strlen ($g _username) > 1){To determine whether to log in, if you have

Common Tool Class Utility

Class Utility Private Reg Public Function HTMLEncode (STR)If IsNull (str) or IsEmpty (str) or str = "" ThenHTMLEncode = ""ElseDim s:s = Strs = Replace (S, "s = Replace (S, ">", ">")s = Replace (S, "", "")s = Replace (S, vbCrLf, "")HTMLEncode = SEnd

MD5 encryption functions written in PHP

Functions | encryption MD5 encryption functions written in PHP PHP_MD5 ("string")Define ("Bits_to_a_byte", 8);Define ("Bytes_to_a_word", 4);Define ("Bits_to_a_word", 32);$m _lonbits=array (30);$m _l2power=array (30);function LShift ($lValue,

Copy data processing procedure of NPC

? This procedure for a search, the current design services in the article library. Editor: Kong Xiuxiang. Date: 2001/4/10 if (! $UploadAction): Require "CONFIG.PHP3"; if (!isset ($table)) { $table = "artical"; } /* $link _id= @MYSQL_CONNECT

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