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How to launch an image on ECS? - Marketplace Documentation
you from the complicated ECS instance specification configuration. You can place an order and run the purchased image product with ...
Can I change the marketplace image on ECS instances? - Marketplace Documentation
Images can be deployed on Pay-As-You-Go or monthly subscription ECS instances. Changing images, that is, releasing original ...
Image compliance tool - Elastic Compute Service Documentation
custom Linux image and whether it meets the image import conditions. Background information ECS allows you to ...
Replace the system disk (non-public image) - Elastic Compute Service Documentation
on your ECS instance. Its image is no longer provided. For more information, see Offline announcement of Windows Server 2003 ...
4. Import image to Alibaba Cloud - Red Hat Cloud Access and Microsoft License Documentation
To import an image to Alibaba Cloud, you must upload it to an OSS bucket first. To create an ECS instance from the imported ...
Use Packer to create a custom image - Elastic Compute Service Documentation
following example creates a custom image containing ApsaraDB for Redis and runs as follows: alicloud-ecs output will be in ...
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