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PhotoSharing Part I: Setting up the Photo Sharing Android Application blog
We will build a photo sharing Android app with real-time image uploading and downloading functionality using Alibaba Cloud OSS ...
How to Install Lychee Photo Library on ECS blog
encourage the sharing of technical knowledge and best practices within the cloud community. Lychee is an open source photo ...
Photo Sharing App Part II: Understanding OSS Functions & Creating UI blog
the name "Photo Sharing". If you use the same settings as I used you don't need to change much of the code and in ...
[Record Filing Tips] Attitudes, Terminologies and Important Issues on Recording Filing Forums
security agreement and in-person authentication via photo taking: For an enterprise or a public institution, if the subject owner ...
Building a Simple Entry-Exit Monitoring System on Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform blog
a simple visitor entry-exit monitoring scenario where a photo of a visitor is taken and sent to the DingTalk chat group ...
Real-name authentication examples for organization domain holders - Domain Documentation
duplicate. Submit a scanned copy or photo of your business license. The size of a scanned copy or photo must be from 55 KB ...
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