. Accelerate is what folder how to delete

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. How the Accelerate folder was formed

This is the use of Baidu Cloud when the accelerate plug-in automatically generated, is the Baidu Cloud Web page download function. This folder appears when you press download.

. Accelerate folder action and handling methods

Role: This folder should be used as a cache for uploading and downloading, for storing temporary files, for Peer-to-peer acceleration caching folders.

Processing method: Set up Baidu Cloud download the default folder. If you set up to download to the desktop there will be an acceleration folder named. Accelerate on the desktop. Modify your Baidu cloud default download location, this folder will be moved to the corresponding download location in the folder.

Folders can be deleted, but as long as you use Baidu cloud to download things will be generated, the processing is to download a timely way to deal with the garbage file widget. Computer Tutorials

PS: In fact, there is no harm to this folder, put that also does not matter, feel that unsightly words will not see the place on the line.

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