. Betta latest suffix ransomware perfect decryption

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The latest suffix. Betta ransomware is successfully decrypted.

Case Analysis:

A company in Beijing, the network management eldest brother forgot to shut down the server yesterday. Today, the staff found that the server file could not be opened, and all files were encrypted. the suffix of Betta. This is the latest suffix that has never been seen before. Contact us through the network for Fudan decryption. The customer service staff of Fudan team immediately confirmed to engineers that it was a new variant of ransomware, similar to the combo/gamma ransomware extension, the company administrator immediately communicated with engineers and decided to remotely solve the problem. After one afternoon, the customer was able to solve the problem...

Communication channels:
Once the ransomware file enters the local environment, it runs automatically and deletes the ransomware sample to avoid virus detection and analysis. Next, ransomware uses the local Internet access permission to connect to the *** C & C server, then uploads the local information and downloads the encrypted private key and public key, use the private key and public key to encrypt the file. Except for the virus developer himself, it is almost impossible for others to decrypt the data. After the encryption is completed, the wallpaper will be modified to generate a ransom prompt file in a prominent location such as the desktop to instruct the user to pay the ransom. The variant type is very fast, and it is immune to common anti-virus software. *** Samples are mainly EXE, JS, WSF, and VBE types, which is a great challenge for General Security products that rely on feature detection.

What should I do if the virus is ransomware?

Network security experts recommend that you disconnect the network before starting the instance. In this way, you can avoid being infected by ransomware. After starting the system, you should try to install security patches or install defense tools launched by various network security companies for the connection. We recommend that you back up important files on your computer to the mobile hard disk and U disk as soon as possible. After the backup, you can store the disk offline. At the same time, you should be vigilant against unknown links, files, and emails to strengthen prevention.

. Betta latest suffix ransomware perfect decryption

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