???? Bitcoin's been on fire lately.

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Bitcoin has been on fire recently and has been widely reported in the mainstream media. Unfortunately, about 10,000 people who talk about Bitcoin do not really understand how it works, so as long as the mention of Bitcoin, what Ponzi scheme, pyramid schemes and so on immediately killed. People who have made the knowledge of Bitcoin widely available are liars. To know that bitcoin before entering the public view, is a bunch of hackers and geeks slowly raised toys, they are definitely not the soil of growth crooks.

Change the world to start with yourself. So I made up my mind today to write an article to let Junior high school students also understand (if you think still do not understand, definitely not your IQ is not enough, but I am ignorant arrogant, write bad. Those who say that their IQ is not enough to make me feel frightened, to introduce the principle of bitcoin operation. Perhaps you have looked like me, will admire its genius design: it turns out that he is such a "personal issue currency" this absurd idea into reality.

Easy to understand is the original intention of this article, but also hope that the space as small as possible, it is bound to ignore the details, or do not accurate analogy, must laughable, but also please understand, and welcome all kinds of criticism. The text contains a lot of metaphors, don't take this part seriously. I will use non-professional language to do my best to describe the truth, but if you want to really understand the principle, please go to the official website. Of course this article can also be used to study the pre-heating of official documents.

Bitcoin is a complicated system, and if you want to figure it out in 10 minutes, the immortal can't do it. Also want to open a bit more patient budget.

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???? Bitcoin's been on fire lately.

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