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Recently, according to the era of Internet related sources, the international top-level domain. CM will be officially opened on August 1, 2009. Everyone registers. CM Domain name does not need to submit information, do not need to audit, real-time open, you can take effect.

It is understood that. CM is a very special domain name, because its spelling and. com and. cn domain name similar, users often mistakenly into the relevant site, so. cm domain name is called typo domain name. What is typo domain name? In fact, typo domain name refers to the easily misspelled domain name, people often mistakenly misspelled a similar domain name, so it produced the typo domain name. cm Domain name has the advantage, sometimes netizens type search for COM or cn domain name, in the browser is to see the CM domain name instead of COM or CN domain name , so that. cm domain name has a fairly objective flow, it is called by the industry has a higher value of investment and build stations.

Time Interconnection (www.now.cn) at this time. CM Domain name Open registration service, only the English letter (A-Z, case-insensitive), number (0-9), and "-" (can not be used as the beginning) of the combination of registration, can not use spaces and special characters (such as!, $, &,?, etc.) to register; The length of registration cannot exceed 63 characters.

The open registration of CM domain name in the industry will cause great concern, because of its own typo domain name characteristics, for many individuals and enterprises is a good investment in the development of the opportunity to build a station.

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