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Collect several articles about Castle and ibatisnet Article

Ye's home :( Wj.cnblogs.com)
Castle practice-Opening
Castle Practice 1-Analysis of the castle IOC container
Castle practice 2-startable facility  
Castle practices 3-castle.services.transaction  
Castle practice 4-automatic transaction management facility  
Castle practices 5-nhib1_facility  
Castle practice 6-typedfactory facility  
Castle practice 7-batchregiility facility  
Castle practices 8-aspectsharp  
Castle practice 9-use aspectsharp in the castle IOC container (Comprehensive Analysis of aspectsharp facility)

Terrylee Terrylee.cnblogs.com)
  Quick Start to Castle IOC container  
Inside Story of Castle IOC container (I)
Inside Story of Castle IOC container (II)  
Detailed description of Castle IOC container build configuration (1)  
Castle activerecord learning practices (1): Quick Start Guide
Castle activerecord learning practices (2): build configuration information
Castle activerecord learning practices (3): ing Basics
Castle activerecord learning practices (4): Map one-second relationships
Castle activerecord learning practice (5): implement the many ing between two operators
Castle activerecord learning practices (6): loading with latency and using where clauses  
Castle activerecord learning practice (7): Use hql to query
Castle activerecord learning practice (8): Data Validity Verification
Castle activerecord learning practices (9): some tips for using activerecord

Freedom, innovation, research, exploration ...... :( Shanyou.cnblogs.com)
Automatically Generated master keywords for ibatisnet
Obtain and operate SQL statements from ibatisnet  
Castle integration. Net remoting
Obtain the castle container instance on the Asp.net page.  
Introduction to the castle. MVC Framework  
Ibatisnetnet 1.3 Development Guide Series  
Wiseman Wuxilin.cnblogs.com)
IOC: Main Concepts
Castle Study Notes-Windsor (1) 

Linkin Park :( Linkin.cnblogs.com)
In-depth analysis of Castle's IOC container

View. net Goodlyts.cnblogs.com)
A simple monorail example

Yok:( Yok.cnblogs.com)
Monorail-detailed description of lifecycle and Controller/Action/View

Rain blog:( Rhf035.cnblogs.com)
Use stored procedures in ibatisnet

Introducing castle-Part I
Introducing castle-Part I

Other articles about IOC:

 Martin Fowler:( Http://martinfowler.com)
Inversion of control containers and the dependency injection patternTranslated version(Translator:Transparent thinkingHttp://gigix.blogdriver.com/gigix/index.html))

 Wang YongWu:( Http://www.contextfree.net/wangyw)
Declare war on dependencies-Dependency inversion, control inversion, and dependency Injection Analysis

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