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During Windows Startup, many programs are automatically started. The "Start> program> Start" menu is all right.

In XP/2 K, two common folders and eight registration keys can enable the program to start automatically.

I. Dedicated Startup Folder for the current user: this is a common location for Automatic startup of many applications. All shortcuts for Windows Automatic startup to put in this folder. The User Startup Folder is generally in:/Documents

And settings/<username>/"start" menu/Program/start, where "<username>" is the name of the currently logged-on user account.

2. Effective Startup Folder for all users: This is the second important position to find the Automatic startup program. No matter what identity the user uses to log on to the system, the shortcut to put the folder is always automatically started-this is the difference between it and the user-specific Startup Folder. This folder is generally in:/Documents

And settings/all users/"start" menu/Program/start.

3. Load registration key: The program can also be automatically started. Location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/CurrentVersion/Windows/load.

Iv. userinit registration key: Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/CurrentVersion/Winlogon/USERINIT. This also enables the system to automatically initialize the program at startup. Quotation marks (excluding quotation marks ).

5. Explorer/run registration key: Unlike load and userinit, the explorer/run key is available in both HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. The specific location is: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/policie */** plorer/run, and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/policie */** plorer/run.

6. runservicesonce registration key: The runservicesonce registration key is used to start the service program. The start time is prior to the user's logon and prior to other programs started through the registration key. Runservicesonce registration key location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/runservicesonce, and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/runservicesonce.

7. runservices registration key: The program specified by the runservices registration key runs immediately after the program specified by runservicesonce, but both run before the user logs on. Runservices: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/runservices, and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/runservices.

8. runonce/setup registration key: runonce/setup specifies the program to run after the user logs on. Its location is HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/runonce/setup, and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/runonce/setup.

9. runonce registration key: the installer usually uses the runonce key to automatically run the program, its location is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/runonce and HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/runonce. The runonce key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE runs the program immediately after the user logs on. The runtime is before the program specified by other run keys. The runonce key under HKEY_CURRENT_USER runs after the operating system processes other run keys and the content of the "Start" folder. If it is XP, you also need to Check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/runonceex.

10. Run registration key: run is the most common registration key for automatically running programs. Its location is HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/run, and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/run. The run key under HKEY_CURRENT_USER follows the run key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.


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