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Article Title :?? Detailed guidance manual at the core. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.
Okay ?? Me ?? Already? Can I perform basic operations? Linux? After C? ? Return? Prison c hands ??? More? Your own? Environment. Like Xi? G ?? Friends ?? Inevitably? π? Too many? Why is it difficult to modify B? I? Print
Want to change ?? Except for the change ?? Spring ?? ? Sha ?? ? Else p skirt ?? Tail? Think? What can I do?] Performance ?? Naturally, the engine cannot be changed. Below I ??? The core of the row ??? Yes? Linux engine changed. ? Me ??? Yes? KDE? GNOME, etc? Some X Windows? That is ?? P seat? Direction ?? Table board, etc? Some '?? 'Change? .? Some modifications? All one by one? Shows the user's question mark ?? Persons? Ge? What's more? More? Products available ?? How can o be changed? Besides momo ?? Yes ?? Why? O limit ".
What? Core?
Previous introduction? Shell? R? Already? ? Core ???? | West? If you have read? "? ?" Medium? ? I series? Some articles? I believe I don't need to do more work? . And? I don't want to be heavy either? ? If you do not know what the core is to do? ? You can go to ?" Go and have a look.
Me ?? Usually? Too many tasks? Linux? Which? Soul? Is it? Depends on what ?? Big core. But what ?? Upper? Linux ?? It's just ??? Core? Is it just the system currently used by everyone ?? Yes ?? Pack? ? Outside of the core ?? ? ? What's milk? Including different shells. If you have? R ?? And? Italian? What is the path to capture? You can find the kits by yourself. Some people ?? Turbulent? Nakhon mu? OK? Kit? OK? K integration? Same? R ?? Program B ?? OK ?? Provides suite management tools? And ?? H environment? Settled ?? Then ?? CD? That's me ?? Regular? Linux? System? . Me ???? Some Linux OS? System? ? Row version? Distribution? For example, everyone? Name RedHat? Slackware? OpenLinux? TurboLinux? SuSE? Debian? Wait? All are distrobutions. Regardless of it ?? How to pack ?? But what does it mean ?? ? | West? That is, the core of use? All one? All IPVs are Linux?
What is the core? What about ???? What is vortex o? I series? (Operating System )? It ??? All systems? ? | West? Including hard drive control ????? Management? Itinerary Management ?? N case study ??? Path function? And so on. Me ?? Yes? Why ?? Program and hardware? Where? Interface operation system ????? Why ?? | None of them can be used. What is the core ?? OK? What is the last o ?? ? To system? Performance? Even? Some systems? Functions (such as TCP/IP )? Required? Yes ?? Core.
No ?? In? Email ?? Before core ?? First ???? Are you sure you do ??? Required? Because? O? In Linux Distro? Its ?? ? Possible? Why ?? | West mode? ? OK ??? And? Some modulo? Both can be inserted and removed .? Yes ?? Very? Live ???? Do you need a model? ? R? ? To the core? Face ??? What about the bows? R? Yes? Memory = M? Yicong is lucky to see it? S call? T? P?] Where? T go? How ?? Convenient? You know? ? I series? ? End p? OK? No? Among them ?? Very ?? Is the core ?? Short and concise. 1 ?? Why? ?]? Yes ?? Why do I lose my tomb? Why? Cost to y performance and? Qualitative. So in ?? Core? R? '? Yunci? ?? Small Volume '? Is it the highest original? T.
Like a change? I? S? What is it ?? What is the better controllability? If you are completely ?? 100% ????? Snow o is very likely? Your? Box? Face? Apart from the improved front seat and anti-flip? All the other items that can be removed by the Ъ o are removed ??? X? L is exposed. Ah ~~ If your? Child? Face? There's a bunch of Kitty? Snoppy? And the last 10? Speaker and CD ?? What can I do? You are "? Why? "? And ?? σ? Y grid? Up to "?" "? If you can? Why? Mechanical sodium ???? All ?? Modulo ?? So it's better not? ? Need bubble? Child? R ?? Why? Get all cool stuff? Need to rush around midnight? R? Remove all? No.
Same? What if you are a real owner ?? 100% Linux ??? Snow o suppose ?? Core? Face? What do you not want? | West? Yes ?? Why do I have to pay bribes ??? Frozen friend? You don't have to worry about Linux ???? Why did Yu Yue know the core functions first? Is it true? Combine your own precision? Core .??? In? If not ?? R branch? Distro ?? ? Very good? Limit 6? When? Core? Which of the following is M ??? R ?? Bet? Hero 3? Quiet? When then f? Do you know what you want? Only in the new core? In order to support? Or? What do you know about kernel.org? What are the core? Is it true that Le maomu is wearing o? T? No ???? Ying ?.
Okay ?? In? False? You have ten? Zero One ?? Why? What is the core of the row ??? So we may wish to go to the core together ?? What about the tour?
?? Zookeeper
What is your core? What did I catch on the wooden Road ?? Yes? CDROM? Copy out? What do o need at the end of a shard first? Which of the following is mandatory ???? Version? Meet you?
Things ?? Upper? Linux core version ?? Above? ? Include some important ??. First? Me ?? Check your current core version? # Uname-r
Do not know you ?? @? Some? Why J? What about it? Don't know ??? I sue? You?
   <主版本> . <次版本> . <修?版本> - <副版本>
Then? Again? Me ?? What is the core version ?? Process?
V Kernel
2.2.8 ---> 2.3.0
2.2.9 2.3.1
V Kernel
2.2.60... ---> 2.4.0
V Kernel
: ---> 2.5.0
Things ?? Upper? In? Among multiple core versions? Me ?? Need special? E. pay attention to the second question ??? Which of the following minor o versions ???
If it is ?? Odd? Dan o that ??? Version is ??? Sexual version? Or? Some new ones ?? Bang convex Delta chicory? Zookeeper @??? Version found? But because? Penalty? Why ?? Period? Cannot be guaranteed? Which? Qualitative and security .? O? How? Do not create? In real use? South to y ???? Core version. For example? 2.1.1? 2.3.2? 2.3.3? 2.5.0 ....
If it is ?? Even? Dan o basically ?? Version already ?? To a certain extent? Y? And yes? Already? ? ?? B. If your system? Is it actually used? What else can I do if I only create a snapshot? Ann ?? Core version. For example? 2.2.1? 2.2.17? 2.4.2? 2.4.9 ....
? O? How ?? After the launch of the new core? Do not create? Immediately in the real working system? Above ?? Mao o, especially in business? I? C ?? Medium? Don't take it? I am from South to y? Why should I go back to my tables? @ ?? By ?? Acer owes? Fixed version? Also ????? Anti? Steal? Y ?? And ?? R focus on the core? F? Public? Training Yi Pu Yu Y ?. Only ?? Segment? R period and? V generic ?? Door c? What else does Momo add to it? Column? Y? After? Talent? Q: Are you sure you want ?? I am confused about the h environment.
Things ?? Upper? Update core? Why ?? R branch? You must? What do you need ?? Suppose? What is the previous core? Yes ?? Bet? Male? O, then ?? Keep it. Below? Article? What did Mr. Zhou say? Very representative? I hope everyone can be deeply impressed ??? Medical equipment? S
Created by "Xiaozhou ?? ? Parts
News: 3 iFIVR $ 84V@bbs.cynix.com.tw...
> ※Do you refer to "asho (A Xin? Statement:
>> ?? Mail is owed?] Optimized
> Cpu and ?? ?? S Branch
> I want to... If ?? Core? R Hou
>>No? Duron and? X86 series?
> Performance ????? Too many tasks? Br>
> Me ?? Compile kernel, General? Why ??
> 1. you capture the new version of kernel source ,? Then you need yourself ??.
> 2 .? But is the current kernel output in linux dist? S? R Capital? Possible? Required? Contents
> To the core? ? Why ?? Why ?? Why ?? Cheng? Module? Why? Br> Unfortunately, what do you use ??? Set? Very cold ,? First ?? What is a good kernel?] Take you
> Required? Object? Core, too?] Yes ?? Cheng? Module ,?? R is required
> Re-create yourself ?? Core.
> 3. special? Environment use ....
> New ?? Kernel? K no ??? N performance, the maximum number of recompile kernel is ??
> What do you need? Why ?? Core or ?? Cheng? Memory = M? Why ??? Br >> ?? Core? Object? R, cpu, etc ?? Good ?, Then ?? Outbound? What is the kernel ??? Br >>? Cpu optimization ??, But? Increase performance percentage? S is very low, for example, it may increase
> 1 ~ 3% ,??? Gambling shell dark cpu? When f, its ?? ?] How fast is there.
> If you use mandrake, all the packages are ?? Pentium system?
> ?? Program, then? Efficiency? ?? In other words, the linux dist package is used
> How fast is the i386 instruction set program suite? Yes.
> ?? Core? R, left? Platform? Which of the following functions is required by the C-producer? . Like
> Is it possible that linux dist is normal? First ?? Does a good kernel support qos? C, if
> No ?? C. can I remove it? Yes ?? Less p? Outbound? Kernel image size,
> ?? K no ?? To y efficiency... no ??? When can I climb the h environment? When f ,?? R
> ???? Not many, and that? R wait model? ? Immature age ,? Kernel image? Small
> 1 ?, Yes? Less p ???? Consumption ?, But ?? Gambling shells ?? All do not need to go ?? Copy? Br>
What's more ?? Yes ?? What should I pay attention? Is what you are currently using ?? Do you have to worry about getting started? How is g compatibility? Among them, the most? What is the pain point? For Library updates. Because? Library is the core and program? ? Why is it true ?? How many programs need to use the function provided by the Library? ? Wei ?? Song ?? Some ?? Kit? Which of the following libraries must be updated ?? To a large extent ?? What can I do when I look at the mirror ??? But what else ?? Why is it true that the stock market cannot be used? S yes ?? Very tricky ??.??? When f? If you? Wei ?? When the four trees slow down the tomb Delta ??? Core? And? Filters? Library and ?? Do you have any trouble? Update? You must? ? Study and?
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