* Dislocation arrangement of the envelope problem

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Problem A
Time limit:1000 MS Memory limit:32 MB 64bit IO Format:%i64d
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We often feel that to do a good thing is really not easy, indeed, failure is much easier than success.
Doing "One" thing is not easy, if you want to always succeed and always never fail, it is even more difficult, like spending money is always easier than the truth.
That said, I still want to tell you that it is not easy to fail to a certain extent. For example, when I was in high school, there was a magical girl, in the English exam, unexpectedly put 40 single-choice questions all wrong. Everyone has learned probability theory, should know the probability of this situation, so far I think this is a magical thing. If we apply a classic comment, we can conclude that it is not difficult for a person to do a wrong choice, and it is difficult to do all wrong.

Unfortunately, this small probability event has happened again, and it's around us:
The thing is this--hdu has a network name called 8006 Male classmates, make countless friends, recently the classmate played a romantic, at the same time to n a Netizen each wrote a letter, this is nothing, it is, he unexpectedly put all the letters are loaded the wrong envelope. Watch out, it's all loaded wrong yo.

Now the question is: please help the poor 8006 students to calculate the total number of possible wrong ways.


The input data contains more than one test instance, one row per test instance, and each row contains a positive integer n (1

 #include <stdio.h> int main () {long long n,i,s[30];
            while (scanf ("%i64d", &n)!=eof) {if (n>1&&n<=20)//completely can not {s[1]=0;
            for (i=3; i<=n; i++) {s[i]= (i-1) * (S[i-1]+s[i-2]);

        } printf ("%i64d\n", S[n]);
}} return 0; }

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