$. Extend () and $. fn. extend () Functions

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$. Extend () and $. fn. extend () Functions

$. Extend () and $. fn. extend () functions:
The two methods in the title are very important in jQuery plug-in development. The following describes their usage through simple code examples.
This topic does not describe how it works. Instead, it only describes what they do and what they can do.
JQuery. extend () can add new methods for the jQuery class, similar to static methods in c # or java.
JQuery. fn. extend () can add a new method to the jQuery object instance.
Code example:

<! DOCTYPE html> 

The code above defines a Simple plug-in, here only introduces $. fn. extend () usage, in fact $. the use of extend () is also the same. The following describes the implementation process of the code above. For more information, see relevant reading.
I. Code comments:
1. $ (document). ready (function () {}). When the document structure is fully loaded, run the code in the function.
2. jQuery. fn. plugin = function (options) {}, Add a new method Plugin to the jQuery class object instance. The parameter is a direct volume of objects and some corresponding parameters are passed. If this parameter is omitted, the default parameters are used.
3. $ options = $. extend ({
Html: "No content ",
Css :{
"Color": "red ",
"Font-size": "12px"
Merge objects. It can be seen from this that if the newly added function does not pass parameters, the default parameters will be used. Otherwise, the passed parameters will be used.
4. return response (this).css ({
"Color": $options.css. color,
Set the style and content of the element and return this object for chained calling.
Ii. Related reading:
1. For details about jQuery. fn, refer to the section about the role of jQuery. fn.
2. For details about jquery. extend (), see the functions of jquery. fn. extend () and jquery. extend () functions.

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