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1. Correct Thinking

Only by judging yourself correctly can you judge others.

Are you deceiving others or yourself? I want to answer the question clearly.

People who think twice are rarely able to do anything wrong.

It is futile to persuade people who do not need brains.

People who think that the whole world is wrong are likely to be wrong.

2. Action

Observe the person who walks in front of you to see why he leads and learn his practice.

Busy people can do things well, and dull people will only be opportunistic.

An indecisive person cannot make a decision.

Goodwill requires proper expression of action.

3. Believe

Believe that you can do it.

Keep telling yourself one thing, even if it is not true, and finally let yourself believe it.

4. Be alert

Be alert to those who fear dogs and children.

Being too alert is just like not being alert, making people suspicious.

Do not envy the neighbor's fence for greener, maybe more thorns than grass.

If someone who is full of "others say-" asks him who "Others" is, he will see his embarrassment.

When a stranger is too enthusiastic to help you do things, be careful that he is dedicated.

5. Challenges

If you want to upgrade to another level, you can provide more and better services to others than expected.

Every time you try to surpass the previous performance, you will soon surpass the people around you.

Henry Ford offered a 25 thousand yuan reward, asking for a way to save him a screw and a screw on every car.

You have saved 10 cents for every step of my factory, and I will keep you quiet.

What will happen in 10 years if you keep the status quo?

Do not destroy anything until you are sure to do better.

6. Main Objectives

What do you want in your life? What can you do as feedback?

What do successful people only want? D? D, not your own.

What do you do in the past? What is important?

If you don't know what you want in your life, what else do you want?

In addition to doing something, wise men can do nothing.

Do not worry about what you don't want because you want to be busy.

Don't be afraid that the goal is too high. You may need to leave and seek the second.

If you don't know what you want, don't say you have no chance.

7. Cooperation

The request has better results than the command.

People who are good at command execution must be able to obey and execute commands.

Willing to work together to generate support power and force obedience to result in failure.

Tell your boss what you want and whether he is willing to help you eliminate obstacles.

Friendly Cooperation is more exciting than incitement.

Cooperation must begin with department leaders, and the efficiency is also high.

It is by no means a cooperation.

No one will hurt you unless you are willing to be hurt by others.

8. Courage

You can learn and make progress only by recognizing what you do not know.

Courage is only one step beyond fear.

If you complain that you have no chance, you may not have the courage to take risks.

9. Criticism

Nothing can be done without criticism.

Do not be afraid of unfair criticism, but you must know which ones are unfair criticism.

Don't criticize people you don't know. Take the opportunity to learn from them.

Do not be afraid of criticism. When you propose a new idea, you must be prepared to be criticized.

Do not criticize others' behaviors unless you know why. You may do the same in the same situation.

If you cannot accept criticism, you cannot try new things.

If you often criticize others, why not try to praise others?

Before you start to criticize, you 'd better give your praise first.

If you want to be more popular, try to praise and criticize as little as possible.

10. Behavior

A truly great person, others will feel from his good deeds.

If you don't know how to do it in a day, it's just a day.

Medals and titles cannot bring you to heaven. good deeds can increase your weight.

Constructive behaviors can be used to suit people. It is useless to boast words.

Do not say what you want, expressed in behavior.

Good deeds are the best way to praise yourself.

If you are more intelligent than others, others will see your behavior.

A good response is the safest way to punish people who do not mean anything to you.

Do not pay too much for people who do not like you.

Those who spend money to go to Heaven will surely regret not doing anything well.

Good deeds are more touching than eloquent deeds.

The tomb is better than the good deeds.

The world will not give you a medal because you know it, but honor your good deeds.

Good deeds do not need to be whitewashed.

11. Clear goals

Clearly Understand what you want and strive for it.

A person has no clear goals, just like a ship without a compass.

Wise people have the habit of thinking clearly.

Willpower is due to continuous action, automatic spontaneous, and clear goals.

Honest and hard-working work requires clear goals and guidance to succeed.

Without clear goals, you will be mediocre in your life.

A firm goal is the primary principle of success.

12. education or learning

Education is the internal strength of development. All education depends on your own experience. No one can educate another.

What you learned from your work is more valuable than what you get.

Listening can help you learn and talk.

A good teacher must be a good student.

You may not keep all your knowledge in mind, so you can acquire the required knowledge.

Study a person's good ideas and be picky about his shortcomings.

Knowledge must be used to generate strength.

If you try to make things better than others, you will forget the financial troubles.

If you do not try to learn from your superiors, you will be given a promotion and a better job opportunity.

Philosophers find human errors from people who make mistakes.

Being good at asking questions makes Socrates the wise man of the time.

Use knowledge wisely to attract greater knowledge.

The more you learn from your work, the more you earn.

A person from work or study is equal to someone else who pays for the school.

Knowledge must be benefited by action, otherwise it is useless.
13. Something to say

Remember, people know how much you know from every word you say.

What you say is as important as what you say.

When people ask for something, their tone is particularly different.

The tone is more audible to others.

It is often embarrassing to say nothing.

Harsh words hurt the most.

You can think as you like, and be careful when expressing your thoughts.

14. Enthusiasm

When enthusiasm becomes a habit, fear and worry are nowhere to go.

People who lack enthusiasm do not have clear goals.

Enthusiasm turns the wheel of imagination.

A lack of enthusiasm is like a car without gasoline.

Be good at arranging fun and work, and be the happiest person with enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm makes ordinary topics vivid.

15. Do more

Every time you do more, others will owe you some.

Let others do better, while enhancing their own value.

Phishing candidates use the bait they like.

You cannot make everyone like you, but you can reduce the reasons why others hate you.

Negotiation with people without friction is a major topic to be learned.

If you do more, the opportunity will follow.

The richest person serving others.

The road to service can lead to a happy city.

16. Failed

Edison failed 10 thousand times before inventing the light bulb. Do not worry about one failure.

"Average Person" gives up after only one failure. So there are only one "average person", while Edison has only one.

With no aim, the first reason for failure is to move with the stream.

You can find opportunities in the forward and backward directions.

Make the child "better" when they are young and often "sad" when they grow up ".

When criticizing others' mistakes, you must add some praise.

There is a big difference between failures and temporary setbacks. Only by understanding the differences between the two can we succeed.

People who stop trying because of a temporary setback will never fail.

Many people only need to support the game for one more minute and make one more effort to defeat the game.

Successful solicitation successful, failed solicitation failed.

People who attempt to gain nothing without doing anything.

Others' mistakes are not an excuse for making mistakes.

Failure is not shameful if you do your best.

Do not blame the children for being unhealthy.

Errors are like weeds in the garden. If they are not removed in time, they will spread everywhere.

Self-pity is an addictive anesthetic.

Wise men pay attention to their shortcomings, and average people boast their advantages.

Failure is a blessing if you can turn people into complacent chairs and force them to do more useful things.

Failure is a preparation for people to take greater responsibilities.

If you know why you failed, the failure is an asset.

17. Fairness

Do not ignore the Section. The universe consists of atoms.

The best way to get help is to start helping others.

18. Confidence

More confidence is used.

Unless you are willing, no one can undermine your confidence in anything.

All great miracles are only the power of confidence.

Unfortunately, there are very few people with hope and confidence.

Confidence requires a foothold, but fear can exist out of thin air.

Confidence is due to clear goals and positive attitudes.

Confidence is an attitude that often makes "impossible" invisible.

Confidence can tell you how to get what you need.

19. Fear

Bluffing often shows deep fear.

Do not hesitate because of fear. Moving forward can eliminate fear.

Fear is the devil's greatest weapon and the greatest enemy of mankind.

People with clear awareness seldom fear anything.

Confidence can overcome fear.

Leave your fear to yourself, and others have the fear of others.

People with bad luck like those who are afraid of him.

Hope you will not walk with fear.

Those who fear poverty will never be rich.

20. Friends

Talented People will find friends, and soon there will be no friends.

If you want to be friends, be friends of others first.

Don't disappoint your friends who are trying to help you.

Friends are people who know you and respect you.

Friendship needs to be expressed frequently before it can last forever

Friendship is the weakness of a friend, but it is not public.

21. Complaints

If you have to complain, you should keep yourself quiet to avoid disturbing others.

Don't be too harsh. He makes his days sad.

22. Health and habits

If you feel down, wait until you are hungry to eat again.

You should see a doctor before getting sick.

Eat only eight minutes full

Keep thinking about illness, and you will get sick and be healthy.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are healthy foods that will never overhead.

It is essential to identify the cause.

Not necessarily healthy.

Pay attention to eating habits and save the cost of seeing a doctor.

23. Disability

A blind student from Northwestern University of China copied handouts in shorthand and sold them to students with normal eyesight to complete his studies.

If you are discouraged, think blind, blind, and deaf, and have a full and pleasant life, write a book to encourage more people, Helen Keller.

Starting from the top is a great misfortune, because he can only tend to decline.

24. Happy

Some people accumulate money in exchange for wealth, wise people accumulate happiness, and sharing with others is still inexhaustible.

Happiness lies in action, not just possession.

If you deprive others of happiness, you cannot make yourself happy.

Smile makes people more beautiful, more happy, but no money.

Enthusiasm is more popular than resentment.

Generously give happiness and make yourself happier.

25. Harmony

Harmony keeps the universe running.

Machine friction costs, interpersonal friction consumes the soul.

If you do not agree with others, at least do not argue with others.

Those who promote peace are admired and those who provoke friction are disgusted.

Remember, it takes at least two people to argue.

The concerted efforts of two people and above for a clear goal will generate endless power.

Mutual trust is the foundation of good interpersonal relationships.

People with good interpersonal relationships will never worry about having friends.

People who like Harmony usually know how to maintain them.

Persistent success is built on harmonious interpersonal relationships.

As much as possible, there will be no disputes.

A person who is willing to take advantage of this opportunity will provoke personnel disputes.

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