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How will Microsoft. NET affect the way we do things?

At present, it will not have any effect. At present. NET is a prospect, not a reality. However, if things are as planned, it will have a potential impact on three groups of people: Users, network administrators, and developers.

Microsoft has a lot to say about the benefits that users can get. NET applications tend to provide a unified interface so that users can browse, edit, and create documents from one application. This data model should enable the application to have the ability to query data from different sources and merge it into a visual document. Users will be able to access their applications and personal settings from any device through a compatible browser. Working in a corner of a coffee shop will work just like working at home;--)

A flexible platform means that the user's data is automatically tuned to their working environment: the same data is displayed in a different way in the smaller browsers of the desktop client and handheld PC.

What does this model bring to the network administrator? It is estimated that. NET applications will be loaded into their own directories and remain independent of each other. This can produce two effects. First, the DLL trap will be terminated by complying with the "shared data instead of code" model that Microsoft endorses. As a result, different applications may overwrite the helper library with the same name. Second, it is estimated that the application will not "disturb" the registry, thus resolving the registry "tattoo" problem: It leaves configuration information in the registry even if the application is reversed. In addition,. NET applications will use Kerberos-based security to ensure that only authorized users can access the user's data.

. NET applications will also be centrally installed, which reduces the management of clients that reinstall their programs when they are lost. It is expected that. NET applications can also monitor their own memory vulnerabilities. Memory vulnerabilities are so bad in a single-user environment. If you move to a server-based computing environment that provides services to many people, they will be fatal.

. NET and Developers

For developers,. NET enables them to create applications in the language they are most familiar with, and to query information from heterogeneous data sources is possible. Developers will not have to switch from COM objects to DLLs in different programming modes, either to cope with different debugging tools, or to write installation packages for. NET applications. Nearly
, developers will be able to write applications in the language they want to use, create the supporting files that the application needs, and make it work.

. NET will not mature quickly. Browsers need a reliable XML parser, and the server needs to convert raw data into XML engines. Data that is not formatted with XML will not be available to the application. Inertia will make it very difficult for a large number of existing Windows applications to disappear completely overnight. Until sometime in 2001, the first part of the client operating system that supports. NET does not appear until the Whistler system completes. And it will not be fully implemented until the Blackcomb system is listed. DataCenter will also play a long period of time effect.

Some developers point out that Java, as a good idea paradigm, is not flying, but Microsoft is different, and she has a lot of market power. Although they are not invincible, they are excellent. Remember: When Windows first appeared, no one needed it.

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