' I should be great '

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Open the newspaper at leisure, unexpectedly saw someone claiming to be great, who is a good big "courage", dare to publicly admit in the media.

She is the 3-metre board champion of the Rio Olympic diving women's double Wu Minxia.

Is very admire his courage and belief, strong to dare to accept the world's test, strong to let us all to accept and admit, all good like her this confident look.

I admire him very much, also because I am not so confident.

On their own direction, on their own ability, also on their own future.

* Middle School graduate, teacher graduate, people teachers. Very people will speak, high school is very good, study is very good, graduation as a teacher to girls, work has security not tired can also housekeeping with Eva. High school days will not say, many years later really do not want to think. Normal School, beautiful many, everyday eye-candy is also ... Let's have a merry. And, one side, go ..... Most do not like to take a baby, after the children to learn to call Dad, something to find your father. Just, a person has a lot of possibilities, when I do not know their direction, say what is what it, obedient is. But finally had a like direction, really do not want to give up.

Until the end of the senior (good late), only gradually clear to their own preferences-when a small front-end. Just want to quietly write code, tangled tangled details, the page will do the Meimei dazzle. First of all, try it out, have been learning now for two months, or have interest, ruled out three minutes of heat, yes it should be you. It's a pity that college time leaves little to himself, but it should be fortunate to finally find some support for their beliefs. But the knowledge of the front end is a lot of good miscellaneous, sometimes a compatible fix added a floating or god horse positioning, I ran off, countless tears ran. But quite like the logic of JS, there is the pleasure of trading hands, the great God of thinking strong, small front-end again offer my knee ~jq, it is really convenient. In fact, programmers are very lazy, hit the code time to save spell simplification.

Sometimes in the face of other people's doubts, are you sure you can find a job through your self-study, or, you are sure you can afford to leave home after millions of of the problem of mortgage. Just feel unable to answer, because I am not sure, had to silently efforts, I am not anxious I do not hurry I am not anxious ...

' I should be great '

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