"/" Indicates a server error in the application. System. Io. directorynotfoundexception

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"/" Application Program Server error.
Part of path "G: \" is not found.

Note:An error occurred while executing the current Web request. Check the stack trace information to learn about this error andCodeDetailed information about the cause of the error.

Exception details:System. Io. directorynotfoundexception: Part of the path "G: \" is not found.

Source error:

An unhandled exception is generated during the execution of the current Web request. You can use the following exception stack trace information to determine the cause and location of the exception.

Stack trace:

 [directorynotfoundexception: Part of the path "G: \" is not found.] 
system. io. _ error. winioerror (int32 errorcode, string Str) + 287
system. io. directory. internalcreatedirectory (string fullpath, string path) + 489
system. io. directory. createdirectory (string path) + 195
dvnews. admin. basepage. x7a42976890116af7 (string xcc73173c60d9e1a3) + 1166
dvnews. admin. makestatic. btsort_onclick (Object xe0292b9ed559da7d, eventargs x09164e3c6417269f) + 318
system. web. UI. webcontrols. button. onclick (eventargs e) + 108
system. web. UI. webcontrols. button. system. web. UI. ipostbackeventhandler. raisepostbackevent (string eventargument) + 57
system. web. UI. page. raisepostbackevent (ipostbackeventhandler sourcecontrol, string eventargument) + 18
system. web. UI. page. raisepostbackevent (namevaluecollection postdata) + 33
system. web. UI. page. processrequestmain () + 1292


Analysis: First, you do not need to grant the partition access permission.

1. Find IIS and select a network service

2. Find the selected Attribute of the partition-Security

3. Find the Add button.
Select Service and confirm

4. After the service is added, click Advanced to bring up the following screen:
Do not select all permissions assigned to the service.

Finally, press OK to solve the problem.

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