-Innovative principles-6-Principles of versatility

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The statement is as follows:

1) An object has multiple functions;

2) after eliminating the necessity for this function to exist in other objects, other objects are further reduced;

There are two situations for an object to have multiple functions. The first case is that by enabling a product to have multiple functions, the value of the product can be increased, making the product more competitive, the second case is to combine multiple relevance functions on a single product, which can reduce the overall cost and facilitate use. In addition, the value described in the first case can be obtained. These two situations are similar to some situations in the combination principle.

2) The descriptions include: a) in the system, by allowing some of the components to take on as many system functions as possible, the purpose of reducing system components is achieved, for example, in aircraft design, shield boards are used as racks, customer service personnel and QA testing are combined in the company, and the topic class itself is used as the factory class when the Creator mode is used in programming; B) the function of another system is integrated into one system to reduce the number of systems. Many such applications use existing systems, for example, a wire is used as a network line.

An object can be used in any of the following scenarios:

1) A single item can be used for multiple purposes in time, such as heating and cooling air conditioners;

2) Multiple things can be stored in a space location, such as a detachable children's safety chair, a seat in the car, and a children's car outside the car;

3) a single product can be used at the system level, such as a standard part or an umbrella that can be used for sun protection.


-Innovative principles-6-Principles of versatility

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