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I checked the information online and tried to find the reason.

1) Explanation on the Internet:

If you are trying to add your own jquery code to WordPress, and have had the error "$ is not a function" show up on firebug, here is the fix:

Convert all dollar signs ($) to 'jquery'

The dollar sign is reserved in WordPress for the prototype library, which is why it errors out. For example, instead:

123 $().ready(function() {   $("#select_me").show();});

Change it:

123 jQuery().ready(function() {   jQuery("#select_me").show();});

2) according to the above method, the error MSG becomes: jquery (***). dialog is not a function.

One afternoon's effort may be caused by a JS conflict. A line of code is deleted and the following line is found. It was not a method conflict, but a reference conflict ?!

"<SCRIPT src =" <session: constant name = 'textpath'/>/JS/jquery-1.8.5/JS/jquery-1.4.2.min.js "type =" text/JavaScript "> </SCRIPT> ". in the JSP of the internal frame, it is OK to delete a row. it may be that the external file has been referenced, and the jquery method is normal after deletion.

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