, Json_decode contains gbk strings

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For help, json_decode contains gbk strings. at the end of this post, the string retrieved by a curl is edited from novas at 2013-09-0220:47:19. it fully complies with the json format. the format is correct. the gbk encoding is used in Chinese, json_decode only supports UTF-8. how can we perform normal json_decode for help? json_decode contains gbk strings
At the end of this post, novas edited a curl Retrieved string at 20:47:19 on. it fully complies with the json format and is in the correct format. it uses gbk encoding for Chinese characters. json_decode only supports UTF-8, how can I perform normal json_decode parsing and display Chinese characters? thank you!

"Watershed": 100,
"MaxPage": 1,
"CurrentPageNum": 1,
"Comments ":[
"Append": null,
"Auction ":{
"AucNumId": "17813389603 ",
"AuctionPic": "http://img.taobaocdn.com/bao/uploaded/null_40x40.jpg ",
"Link": "http://tradearchive.taobao.com/trade/detail/trade_snap.htm? Trade_id = 242542116456739 ",
"Sku": "color classification: Orange size: one size (hair tact )",
"Thumbnail ":"",
"Title ":""
"Award ":"",
"BidPriceMoney": null,
"BuyAmount": 0,
"Content": "two days late delivery due to the Qingming holiday, the store repeatedly said sorry to me. my attitude was so good that I felt very touched, although the delivery was delayed for two days, the express delivery was very powerful, and soon received the color of this V-neck small cardigan is very beautiful, the style is new, meticulous workmanship, exquisite, high-end, the fabrics used are very good and comfortable ",
"Date": "April 10, 2013 ",
"DayAfterConfirm": 0,
"EnableSNS": false,
"From ":"",
"LastModifyFrom": 0,
"PayTime": null,
"Photos ":[
"FileId": 343572768,

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