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Let's go back to another article today. I 've been writing less recently, and I'm too lazy to write it. I have the chance to post the written articles to my blog. I will use other people's ideas to fill my blog.

"Mushroom Law"

Many organizations place beginners in a "dark corner" (a department that is not valued, or out of the box ). Work . This is the law of mushrooms.

I believe many people have had such an experience as "mushroom", but this is not necessarily a bad thing. A few days of "mushrooms" can eliminate many unrealistic fantasies and bring us closer to reality.

"Watch Law"

The "watch Law" means that when a person has one table, he can know the following types of tables. However, when he owns two tables at the same time, he cannot be sure. The "watch theorem" gives us a very intuitive inspiration-two different management methods cannot be used for the same person or organization at the same time. Method ; Two different goals cannot be set at the same time; each individual cannot be controlled by two people at the same time; otherwise, the enterprise or the individual will be at a loss.

"Not worth the Law"

What is not worth doing well-This law seems to be no longer simple, but its importance is often ignored. For individuals, they should select one of the various optional goals and values, and then strive for it. "Select what you love, love what you choose" can inspire our struggle spirit and be able to feel at ease.

From "zero sum" to "win-win"

The "zero sum" principle refers to Games Medium, players lose, lose, and win. If one party wins, the other party loses. The total score of the game is always zero. However, the concept of zero sum is gradually replaced by the concept of "win-win" because of the rapid economic growth, technological progress, global integration, and increasingly serious environmental pollution in the new century. People Start Recognizing that "self-interest" does not have to be based on "harm to people.

"Peter Principle"

Peter's principle is that American scholar Lawrence Peter has come to a conclusion after studying the phenomena related to personnel promotion in the Organization: in various organizations, because competent personnel of a certain level are promoted, employees tend to be promoted to an incompetent position. Peter's principle is sometimes referred to as "crawling up.

For an individual, rather than being completely competent Position It is better to find a position that you can easily use to give full play to your expertise.

"Meaning of life"

The meaning of life is not what you learn, but what you teach. What is important is that every time you are upright, compassionate, brave, or sacrificed, You can enrich, make people powerful, or inspire others, let them take you as an example. What matters is not your ability, but your character. What matters is not how many people you know, but how many people feel this permanent loss when you leave; what matters is not your memory, but the memory of the person who loves you. What matters is what you miss. Time The length of time; the important thing is who misses you; the important thing is why they miss you; making our life important not by accident; not by the environment; instead, we chose to make our own lives meaningful !.

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