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. NET is now the choice of many developers, and MySQL DATA has always been a lightweight, fast, and free developer, while PHP + MySQL has always been the method used by many large websites. Can we use a combination of. NET + MySQL? Of course. From this article, let's take a look at the strength of. NET + MySQL!
I. MySQL database
The latest version is 5.0.27, which can be downloaded from the official website or MySQL Chinese website.
Detailed installation method: Refer to http://bbs.mysql.cn/thread-261-1-1.html
Ii. Data Connection
As we all know ,. NET data access using ADO. net, and. net does not provide dedicated myql connection tools (such as SQL client of SQL Server), but mysql.com provides all data connection tools for my. Here we use MySQL. data. DLL , encapsulates the ADO of all MySQL databases.. net operation. The function is similar to that of SQL Server (for example, the sqlcommand in SQL Server is called mysqlcommand in MySQL ).
This stuff: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/net/1.0.html
now there are three versions: 1.0.7 (GA), 1.0.8 (RC), 5.0.3
usage: set MySQL. data. DLL is placed in the bin directory, and then using MySQL is referenced. data. mysqlclient;
3. Data management
SQL Server has Enterprise Manager and query analyzer, are there any MySQL instances? MySQL is not integrated like sqlserver. MySQL has many management tools, such as phpMyAdmin and MySQL front. I recommend EMS SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL, the latest version is It has two types:
SQL Manager 2005 for mysql
SQL Manager 2005 Lite for mysql

the first one is charged, and no full cracking is found. The second one is free to use. The function is absolutely sufficient for your development.
: http://www.sqlmanager.net/en/products/mysql/manager/download
recommended website:
MySQL Official Website: http://www.mysql.com
MySQL Chinese website: http://www.mysql.cn
MySQL 5.1 reference manual: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/zh/index.html
EMS SQL manager for MySQL tools Official Website: http://www.sqlmanager.net

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