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5 required VS2017 extensions for Web developers

By Jeffrey T. Fritz

Link: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/webdev/2017/03/21/five-visual-studio-2017-extensions-for-web-developers/

Comments: Compared to many people who have already installed and started to use VS2017, we have previously introduced the extension of VS2015. This is the version of VS2017, but it is similar to the previous version. In addition to Productivity Power Tools, Web Essentials for Visual Studio 2017, there are Razor Language Service, Project File Tools, and EditorConfig Language Service. In addition, we recommend that you install Roslynator 2017.


VS2017 and Service Fabric tools

Author: Service Fabric Team

Link: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/azureservicefabric/2017/03/17/visual-studio-2017-and-service-fabric-tools/

Comments: 3.11 at the VS2017 event in Chengdu, I also shared the topic of Service Fabric. The biggest difference from VS2015 is that in VS2017, if Azure Workload is selected, the Service Fabric tool is available by default. Of course, WPI is required for installation during runtime.


Real-time unit testing in VS2017

Author: Anuraj

Link: http://dotnetthoughts.net/live-unit-testing-in-visual-studio-2017

Comment: A New Feature of VS2017 is real-time unit testing. As the name suggests, it is a unit test written before VS runs in the background in real time, and displayed in the code editor. Let you immediately know whether the code is correct during code writing. This feature allows you to achieve the ultimate in TDD, so that DevOps can achieve a closed loop when writing code.


Use ELMAH. io for ASP. NET Core error management

Author: damienbod

Link: https://damienbod.com/2017/03/16/asp-net-core-error-management-with-elmah-io/

Comments: I believe many people have used ELMAH to record errors. ELMAH. io is an SaaS platform for error log tracking. Supports ASP. NET Core perfectly. It also provides free subscriptions to MVPs and open-source projects.

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