. NET basics step by step: [object-oriented static and non-static],. net Object-Oriented

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. NET basics step by step: [object-oriented static and non-static],. net Object-Oriented

Static and non-static

Let's take a look at a piece of code to distinguish static and non-static:

Using System; using System. collections. generic; using System. linq; using System. text; using System. threading. tasks; differences between static and non-static namespace {/*** non-static class * can define static fields, static attributes, and static methods. * You can also define non-static (instance Member) fields, non-static (instance Member) attributes, and non-static (instance Member) static methods. ** // Non-static class public class Person1 {// instance Member (non-static) private int _ id; // instance attribute (non-static) public int ID {get {return _ id;} set {_ id = value ;}// instance method (non-static) public void Showinfo () {}/ * ------------------------------------------------------------------ * // static field private static string _ name; // static attribute public static string Name {get {return _ name ;} set {_ name = value ;}}// static method public static void Sho (){}}}

It can be seen that the difference between static and non-static is the keyword:Static


Static and non-static differences:

1) in a non-static class, you can have both instance members and static members.

2) When calling an instance member, you need to use the object name. instance Member;

When calling a static member, you must use the class name. static member name;

3) non-static class: You can define static fields, static attributes, static methods, non-static (instance Member) fields, non-static (instance Member) attribute, non-static (instance Member) method.


Now let's look at a small case of static and non-static:

Static void Main (string [] args) {// call the instance Member Person p = new Person (); // non-static method p. m1 (); // static method Person. m2 (); Console. writeLine (); Console. readKey ();} public class Person {private static string _ name; public static string Name {get {return Person. _ name;} set {Person. _ name = value ;}} private char _ gender; public char Gender {get {return _ gender;} set {_ gender = value ;}} public void M1 () {Console. writeLine ("My non-static method");} public static void M2 () {Console. writeLine ("I Am a static method ");}}

Running result:



Static members must be called using class names, while instance members use object names.

In a static function, you can only access static members, but not instance members.

In Instance functions, you can use both static members and instance members.

Only static members are allowed in a static class, and instance members are not allowed.


1) if you want your class to be used as a "tool class", you can consider writing the class as static.

2) Static classes share resources throughout the project. The static class releases resources only after all programs are completed.


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