". Net Community Virtual Conference" (dotnetconf) 3 Keynote:scott Hanselman

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U.S. time June 7-9th, three days of Microsoft. NET Community Virtual Conference officially held on the CHANNEL9, the United States time 6.9 is the third day, Scott Hanselman do keynote. Today's theme revolves around the. NET opensource deployment,

Hanselman analyzed the development of the. NET community over the past two years through Powerbi, and Scott Hanselman with a review of the open source community's contribution to Microsoft. It's hard to imagine Google and Samsung. NET Community contribution so forward, specific people watch the video.

Briefly reviewed above. NET open source history and future prospects, 6.27 officially released. NET Core RTM.

In fact, the following data is shocking, you can't imagine. NET contribution is the most of Google bar, in fact, Google's contribution to Xamarin is also very large, Google was the Oracle scare to accompany the lawsuit of $9 billion, fortunately, the recent defeat of Oracle.

Look at these based on. NET of open source projects and frameworks, you will understand that something is changing. And a lot of fun things cake, if you have played cmake, then this cake you will also like.

". Net Community Virtual Conference" (dotnetconf) 3 Keynote:scott Hanselman

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